53/2009 Skiing in Ruka


8:12 AM: 5' circuit + 21' R. Really tired in the morning run. R 4km.
10:17 AM: 120' skiing. Had to take it really easily at the start because of the
tiredness. Hopefully it will get better now.
16:24 PM: 68' skiing with Hannu. A nice evening training around Ruka.
 Skiing 120' (HR)
Skiing 68' (HR)


10:07 AM: 20' skiing. Too tired, came back to home.
14:29 PM: 103' skiing. Now it felt better, yeah!
 Skiing 103' (HR)


6:42 AM: 33' R. Nice morning run in Ruka. Now I feel better. R 6,5km.
9:04 AM: 125' skiing. Last skiing in Ruka with Minna.
Traveling to Jyväskylä.
 Running 33' (HR)
Skiing 125' (HR)


8:27 AM: 56' R. A long morning run in Jyväskylä. Tired. R 10km.
 Running 56' (HR)




8:36 AM: 18' R. Checking out the weather. Only -15C. R 3,5km.
10:47 AM: 22' R + 69' O. Crazy o-training in Toivakka. 6,5km with 360m climbing.
30-50cm snow and temperature was -18C.
17:03 PM: 51' R. R 10km. - 22C, hrrr.
 Rummakko (MAP 1)
Rummakko (MAP 2)
Orienteering 69' (HR)
Running 51' (HR)


8:23 AM: 21' R. The basic morning run in Haukanniemi. -24C... R 4km.
9:56 AM: 88' skiing. X-country in Laajavuori with Jones and Jussi H. I played it
safe (cold weather) and did only 1½ hours this time.
15:30 PM: 15' circuit + 16' R. R 3km.
18:17 PM: 86' rinkball. After a long break it's nice to skate again!
 Running 21' (HR)
Skiing 88' (HR)
Rinkball 86' (HR)


15:38h, R 52km. + skiing 103km.