51/2009 Cold weather and track-training


14:20 PM: 12' R + 15' cycling + 50' floorball + 15' C. R 7km.
19:57 PM: 30' exercise cycling at home.


Examination 9-12. Don't know yet if I passed. Hopefully.
12:03 PM: 55' R. 1st training by Breikki. 200m at 5min/km, then at 3.45-3.55min/km
and finally at 3min/km. 12 x 3 x 200m=7,2km (HRavg 164, HRmax 184). A bit stiff
muscles but rather good exercise still. 12' + 14' warm-ups.
18:04 PM: 30' exercise cycling at home.
 Intervals 29' (HR)


9:46 AM: 24' R. Just cruising in Hipposhalli. Jani had a good 5 x 1000m! R 5km.
20:34 PM: 21' R. Trying to acclimatize to the cold weather (-20C). R 4km


8:37 AM: 10' circuit + 28' R. Morning training, temperature was -25,5C!
11:06 AM 71' R + 9' cycling. Intervals in Hippos, this time 15 x 3 x 200m. The same
protocol as on Tuesday. Muscles were heavier and tighter this time but still it
was useful training.
20:04 PM: 30' exercise cycling at home.
 Morning run 27' (HR)
Running 71' (HR)
Exercise cycling 30' (HR)


8:31 AM: 21' R. Easy morning run in the heat (-15C only). R 4km.
17:24 PM: 15' R + 20' eccentric strength + 37' R. One training in Jyväskylä and some
running with Antti T in Vihtavuori as well.


8:40 AM: 16' R. Short morning run delivering some christmas cards. Stiff legs. R 3km.
11:34 AM: 20' R + 71' O + 9' R. Hill orienteering by Kaapro in Teränmaa. Pretty nice
training! I had not that good feeling before the training but it started to taste better
all the time. R 18,5km.
 Orienteering 71' (HR)
Savonmäki (MAP&GPS)
Savonmäki (ANALYSIS)
Nice piece of an orienteering event (PHOTO 1)
First time at the top (PHOTO 2)
After the training (PHOTO 3)


7:47 AM: 27' R. The basic morning run in Haukanniemi. My toe got some cold yesterday
and hurts a bit. R 5km.
12:00 PM: 79' R. In Southern Jyväskylä. R 16km. 


11:54h, R 105km.