50/2009 Tenerife


7:30 AM: 8' circuit + 22' R. The basic morning training. R 4km and 80m uphill.
11:00 AM: 240' R/hiking near Teide. Rather exhausting training actually, due to the
high altitude (2000-2300m), climbing and sunny weather. R 36km and 800m climbing.
My ankle "got tired" during the training.
 Tera hops (PHOTO 1)
On the coast (PHOTO 2)
Los Cristianos behind (PHOTO 3)
Teide (PHOTO 1)
Teide (PHOTO 2)
Our route on Teide (MAP)


8:00 AM: 40' R or trying to run. Left ankle has a high fever and hurts much. Shit!
We checked out the views near Las Americas. R 6km and 150m climbing.
11:00 AM: 46' circuit beside the pool + 15' agua-jogging. Nice rehab-training.
15:30 PM: 50' R or trying to run. The same story as in the morning. Not good.
Training venue located somewhere on the hill slope. Arrows show where Teide
and our hotel are. R 7km and 150m climbing.

 PlayaDeLasAmericas (PHOTO 1)
Important features (PHOTO 2)


9:30 AM: 94' R. Uphill-intervals on small path to the top of (Montana de Guaza, 428m).
1st: 9.45, 1,8km and 185m climbing, 2nd: 8.04, 1,7km and 185m climbing and
3rd: 6.04, 1,6km and 90m climbing. R 16km and 600m climbing. Nice piece of
hard training!
16:00 PM: 65' R. Nice and easy also in the evening training. R 12,5km.

 The uphill-intervals (GPS)


11:00 AM: 86' mountain biking. Had to rent a bike, because I hurt my leg in the end
of yesterday´s training (piece of wood went through the bottom of my shoe and
now it is impossible to run).
15:00 PM: 114' mountain biking, this time I (headed to the hills. Quite nice.

 Cycling to the hills (PHOTO)


7:19 AM: 1,5' running. Still too much pain.
12:00 PM: 40' hiking etc. during the day. Walking is not easy...


8:20 AM: 14' circuit + 27' running. Now it starts to work...slowly. R 4,5km.
11:00 AM: 195' cycling/running. Nice trip to Ifonche - spectacular views beside
the Barranco del Inferno. Found also my wine place. R 8,5km.
17:00 PM: 21' running + 30' cycling. R 4km.

 Vinos del Pais (PHOTO)
Barranco del Inferno (PHOTO 1)
Barranco del Inferno (PHOTO 2)


7:39 AM: 21' running. The ankle is not 100% ok but it is possible to run now. R 4km.
9:00 AM: 132' running + 8' agua-jogging. J 26km. Nice piece of long training for
the last day. Now we head back to cooold Finland, hrrr...



21:03h, R 134km.