40/2009 The last week of the season


9:52 AM: 160' cycling. C 55km. A long cycling with Minna.
18:00 PM: 31' running. R 6km.


8:42 PM: 16' running. R 3km. + whole body massage.
And working the whole day after those.


10:23 AM: 15' women's circuit with Minna + 21' R. R 4km.
13:30 PM: 12' R + 40' O + 5' R. R 10,5km. A great middle training in Hitonhauta.
18:00 PM: 36' running. R 7km.
 Hitonhauta (MAP & GPS)
Hitonhauta (ANALYSIS)
Orienteering 40' (HR)


Jammed my back yesterday in the last downhill  - so no training.


20:55 PM: 25' R + 42' O + 15' R. R 14,5km. FC -night qualification. One big
miss but really good feeling technically. And physically I took it easily.
 Orienteering 42' (HR)


9:35 AM: 21' R. R 4km. A morning jogging with mr. Vapaa, Hoube and Timbe.
20:55 PM: 20' R + 89' O. R 22,5km. A bronze medal from the FC-night! Some
mistakes during the 2nd half of the race (~4min) but still I'm very satisfied!
My back was out of the game after 5km so it wasn't an easy race despite we had
so great weather ;-).


Rest + traveling to Trondheim.


8:51h, R 64,5km.