32/2009 Last week before WOC2009


13:00 PM: 61' running. R 14km. 20 x 30s fast running.


8:50 AM: 30' running. R 6km.


8:09 AM: 18' running. R 3,5km. Morning run in Haukanniemi.
10:53 AM: 62' o-intervals + 27' warming-up. R 15km. A really good training
in Laukaa, coached and organized by mr. Jarmo Heiskanen. I had some problems
when navigating in a bushy forest, but had really good legs when running fast. Check
out the files below!
17:00 PM: 15' R. R 2,5km. Testing new shoes.

A surprise doping-test in the evening (both urine and blood). My results have
been at too high level this year ;-)? This test was my 30th during the years!
 Lankamaa O-intervals (MAP)
O-intervals 48' (HR)
Lankamaa-analyses (DOC)


10:12 AM: 126' running/hiking. R 18km. Easy, long workout in Vaajakoski.
 Kanavuori-Jääskelä (GPS)
Running/hiking 126' (HR)


8:44 AM: 17' running. R 3km.
17:04 PM: 41' running. R 8km. 4 x 550m (2.01-1.43) on a small forest path.
A really good drive!
 The standard morning run in Asikkala (GPS)
Intervals (GPS)
Intervals (HR)


12:38 PM: 35' running + 16' sprint-o + 35' running. R 17,5km. No drive today at all.
13th place in Huippuliiga sprint. Not good.


12:47 PM: 58' running. R 10km. Easy rehab in Asikkala. Better feeling than
 Easy run in Asikkala (GPS)


9:00h, R 97,5km.