52/2008 Even better


11:54 AM: 15' gymnastics + 77' running/hiking. R 10km. South from Vääksy,
accompanied by Jarkko.
 Running/hiking 77' (HR)


8:35 AM: 7' strength + 16' running + 7' circuit. R 3km. Waking up.
10:57 AM: 51' running. R 11km. Ran a downhill 5K in Vääksy (totally 70m
downhill). All the other training settings were pretty bad for a good time
(slippery surface, headwind and of course, severely jammed and slow body ;-)).
16:43 PM: 87' running. R 16km. Easy running. Delivering Raikas-calendars
to the companies in Asikkala. Quite exhausted legs in the end.
 Running 51' (HR)
Running 87' (HR)


8:00 AM: 21' running. R 4km. Only in Finnish: Juminen urheilijaraunio vaelteli pimeydessä.
10:12 AM: 109' orienteering/running. R 13,5km. Easy o-training with Jarkko in Esi-Jukola
2001 -terrain. A bit better feeling than in the morning...
 Orienteering/running 109' (HR)


Traveling Vääksy-Jyväskylä-Haapajärvi.
14:12 PM: 71' skiing. S 17,5km. Doing classic 1st time this winter, niceeee!
Traveling Haapajärvi-Lampinsaari.
19:35 PM: 30' rinkball. Easy playing.


8:46 AM: 21' running. R 4km.
11:11 AM: 151' skiing + 14' running. S 30km + R 3km. 4 x 45s intervals in the end,
felt quite bad.
 Skiing/running 165' (HR)


Couple of trainings with SiSe's girls.
9:38 AM: 75' skiing + 5' running. S 15km + R 1km.
15:10 PM: 15' running + 28' circuit + 44' floorball + 15' running. R 10km.
 Mixed training 102' (HR)
Changing from circuit to floorball (PHOTO)


7:44 AM: 10' circuit + 34' running. R 6,5km.
11:18 AM: 113' skiing. S 24,5km. With Minna and my father.
18:36 PM: 71' running. R 16km. Hard training in complete darkness made the week. Not too
tired when arriving at Lampinsaari. It's time to take it easier now, because
Team Finland's TC in Portugal will start in five days.
 Skiing 113' (HR)
Running 71' (HR)
Probably the best o-terrain in the world (MAP)


18:06h, R 98km + S 87km.