38/2008 FC -middle and relay


9:56 AM: 90' running. R 16km. An easy and long morning rung with Minna. Really
good feeling.

16:44 PM: 20' running + 70' football. R 10km.
 Running 90' (HR)
Running/football 90' (HR)


10:07 AM: 34' running. R 6km. Running with Minna.

18:00 PM: 10' circuit + 25' running. R 5km.


9:31 AM: 22' running. R 4km. Running with Minna.



13:34 PM: 71' orienteering/running. R 11km.
 Orienteering/running 71' (HR)
Harmoinen (MAP)


9:23 AM: 24' running. R 4,5km. Running with Minna.

17:57 PM: 27' running. R 5km. Running with Jarkko (L) in Vääksy.


9:30 AM: 20' running + 22' orienteering + 15' running. R 10,5km. FC middle distance, qualification.
1st place. Took it quite easy and orienteering was perfect.

15:25 PM: 30' running + 22' orienteering + 10' running. R 13km. FC middle distance final.
1st place and a really happy feeling!!!
 Orienteering 22' (HR)
Orienteering 31' (HR)


7:06 AM: 12' circuit + 8' running. R 1,5km. A waking-up training. Couldn't run more than 8mins
because of the sore tendon. How it will be in the relay..?

13:15 PM: 30' running + 55' orienteering. R 14km. FC relay. We were 4th and for the 1st time out
of the medals. I  had a great run, but missed one control 1½min in the end. Fastest on the last leg.
 Orienteering 55' (HR)


10:26h, R 100km.