37/2008 Five times good orienteering + one bad


13:00 PM: 40' cycling + 60' hiking. R 6km.


15:51 PM: 76' running + 11' orienteering. R 16km. Running a trail-o sprint
in Laajavuori.

 Running/orienteering 87' (HR)


11:00 AM: 60' hiking. R 6km. Hiking in Säynätsalo/Muuratsalo.

16:46 PM: 40' orienteering + 5' running. R 6km. A short o-training in Riutta
(Mikkeli). One of the training maps for Jukola 2009. Not the best one I hope...
 Riutta (MAP)


8:50 AM: 19' running. R 3,5km. Morning run in Anttolanhovi. Check out the new luxurious
villas in Anttolanhovi!!!

11:53 AM: 77' cycling.

19:19 PM: 22' orienteering. R 4km. Short-O in Anttolanhovi.
 Anttolanhovi (MAP)


10:30 AM: 34' running. R 6km. An easy morning run in Anttolanhovi.

Traveling to Vehkalahti.

21:48 PM: 30' running + 41' orienteering + 14' running. R 15km. FC night orienteering,
qualification. 4th in heat 3. Quite okay performance.
 Orienteering 41' (HR)


10-12 AM: 31' running. R 5km. 2x short warming-up at very easy speed.

22:20 PM: 25' running + 41' orienteering + 5' running. R 18,5km. FC night orienteering,
final. 6th place. Very unsteady performance but only one big mistake. Totally
I made 6-7mins mistakes...

 Orienteering 80' (HR)


12:24 PM: 43' orienteering. R 5km. An easy o-training in Harmoinen. Tired
and feeling dizzy. Good for the muscles.
 Harmoinen (MAP)


11:52h, R 91km. Six orienteering sessions.