35/2008 Example of preparing for the last important races


12:30 PM: 60' hiking. R 5km. Felt myself a bit sick still but had to go out
for an easy exercise in the woods.


10:30 AM: 10' circuit + 50' running. R 9km. Easy training in the morning. Feeling
okay already - nice! Ran on paths and roads with Minna.

17:30 PM: 25' running + 20' running-technique. R 8km. Minna coached the training
in Harju.


9:30 AM: 20' circuit + 20' running. R 4km.

17:04 PM: 20' running + 38' orienteering + 17' running. R 9km. 5,3km o-course
in Paasivuori. Really tired, the terrain felt like shit and I had a low resolution
training-map. Maybe the worst feeling to do training ever ;-). When running at
high speed it takes more than three days to recover from a fever. The easy
trainings may feel easy but the truth will be exposed when you try to push harder.


9:30 AM: 15' circuit + 25' running. R 5km. The usual morning training.
The three main things I always do in my short morning circuits:
1) deep muscle workout for the trunk muscles
2) mobility movements for my back
3) movements that require deep muscle activation in motion
17:50 PM: 20' running + 30' orienteering + 15' running. R 11km. Short o-training in Jyväskylä. Quite an extreme experience in very rainy conditions... The splits and map in the RouteGadget.


10:00 AM: 30' cycling + 60' hiking + 30' cycling. R 6km. Taking it easy.


11:07 AM - 15.05 PM: 60' running + 79' orienteering. R 25km. Terä travelled
to Varkaus for a Finnish Champs training day. We had four short trainings with a
total length of 12,04km. The map in Harjuranta was old-fashioned and the terrain
very slow (or should I say straight - shit...) during the first two stages. In the
afternoon the terrain was clearly better. I had a really good drive and was the
fastest on every stage. Only 45s mistakes during the day is a good sign as well
as the quickly changed physical condition. Now I'm really waiting for the next
 1st stage (MAP 1)
2nd stage (MAP 2)
3rd stage (MAP 3)
4th stage (MAP 4)


15:45 PM: 10' circuit + 60' running. R 11km. Running with Jones. Good feeling.


11:54h, R 93km.