24/2008 Jukola-week


9:28 AM: 24' running. R 4,5km.
18:31 PM: 21' running + 19' orienteering + 25' running. R 13,5km.
Keski-Suomen Cup in Kangashäkki. I had planned to make just a training but it
was too good competition to take it easily. Missed 50-60s but still the speed
was really fast (4.28min/km). Antti A was even faster, finishing about 15s
faster. HRavg 180.
 Orienteering 19' (HR)
Kangashakki (MAP)


10:09 AM: 52' running/cycling. R 7km. + 2h massage in the afternoon.
 Running/cycling 52' (HR)


8:42 AM: 10' circuit + 30' running. R 6km. A short morning training in Jyväskylä.
Traveling to Tampere.

16:38 PM: 13' running + 29' orienteering + 28' running. R 12km. A short o-training
through Aitovuori -map. Excellent work during the first two kilometres. Physically
I was a bit tired in the end.
 Running 30' (HR)
Aitovuori (MAP)


9:42 AM: 21' running. R 4km. Morning run in Tampere. A bit tired.

18:28 PM: 30' running + 22' orienteering + 18' running. R 13km. Forssa Games
in Urjala. I managed to take my 4th win in these games and it tasted special because
the level of the competition was pretty high The performance was quite ok, no big
misses, but one bad route choice (to the 2nd control) and couple of small misses
during the legs. Those "misses" took totally only about 30s, but still it's a waste
of crucial time. My legs were really tired maybe due to yesterday's training or
massage on Tuesday. Or was it the "over-speed" I was doing all the time ;-)?
Anyway, I'm very pleased. And it was really nice that Minna is getting back as well!
Check out the map with the course! HRavg in the competition was 185bpm.
 Raitoo (MAP)
Orienteering 22' (HR)


10:55 AM: 26' running. R 5km. Morning run in Kangasala. Perfect feeling!

17:44 PM: 36' orienteering. R 4,5km.The WOC 2001 short distance course with Juhis.
Still a nice and demanding course.


9:26 AM: 15' running. R 3km. Short morning run with Juhis.

Venla and JUKOLA-relay!


05:20 AM: 35' running + 82' orienteering + 15' running. R 24km.


Check out my Jukola-course below! This year's Jukola was quite challenging one.
 Jukola 2008 (MAP 1)
Jukola 2008 (MAP 2)
Jukola 2008 (MAP 3)
Jukola 2008 (MAP 4)
Orienteering 82' (HR)


9:07h, R 95,5km.