22/2008 European Champs, Ventspils, Latvia


8:55 AM: 9' circuit + 23' running. R 4,5km. Following the sprint qualification.


8:09 AM: 6' circuit + 14' running. R 2,5km.

11:23 AM: 25' + 55' orienteering + 25' running. R 21km. Long distance qualification was
a good performance and I was the fastest of all today and won my own heat by 57s
before mr. Hubmann. Some small mistakes, 70-80s totally, but still a fluent and
reasonable orienteering. Good!
Long distance qualification, Route Gadget.
The EOC official home page.
 Orienteering 55' (HR)


10:55 AM: 8' circuit + 13' running. R 2,5km.

16:10 PM: 25' running + 93' orienteering + 20' running. R 26km. EOC long
final in Irbene. Interesting terrain and a good course - so good basis for a
enjoyable o-event. I did quite well but didn't run fast enough. Small mistakes
totally worth of 2½min did also have a negative effect on my time. But it was
clearly the best long result for me in the EOC. I wasn't too tired after the
race and was able to do a good cool-down, so everything seems to be in order
before the middle distance races...
 Orienteering 93' (HR)


8:30 AM: 15' running. R 3km.
10:27 AM: 45' running/orienteering + 5' cycling. R 7km. Running on the sprint map
and cycling (biking on rails in the Open-Air museum, fun!).


8:19 AM: 16' running. R 3km.
11:20 AM: 30' running + 29' orienteering + 15' running. R 13,5km. Middle
distance qualification in EOC. 4th place and very good feeling. The performance
could have been better because I lost 80s on 8th and 12th control. Terrain was
really nice and challenging! Too bad that Jani got badly injured today. All the
best for him.


Bronze medal in middle distance!


Bronze medal in relay!


11:00h, R 120km.