21/2008 Waiting for the European Championships


10:28 AM: 30' running + 31' orienteering + 11' running. R 15km. The last fast
speed training for the EOC. We ran the same course which H21A -class ran in a
competition two weeks ago. I had very easy feeling in my body from the first
steps of the training and I didn't have to force myself to run faster. My time
was 31.20 and the performance was technically close to perfect (only a minor
mistake, about 10s, took place at the 7th control). The split times of the race two
weeks ago can be found here.
The course was enjoyable and we had even control flags in the forest (thanks to
Kalajoen Junkkarit and Mr. Raimo Himanka!).

18:47 PM: 30' running. R 6km. Easy running in Lampinsaari. Nice feeling.
 Kalajoki (MAP)


10:53 AM: 63' orienteering/hiking. R 9,5km. I was checking out one potential
terrain in Oulainen. 50% of it was not so nice and the other half was quite good.

17:22 PM: 87' football/running. R 9km.
 Pitkakangas (MAP)


7:59 AM: 15' running. R 3km.
11:00 AM: 5' running + 15' football. R 2km. Physical activity in the chilren's
O-day in Lampinsaari.

Traveling to Jyväskylä. Doping-test in the evening.


Doping-test in the morning...

I was tired and took a day off.


8:55 AM: 26' running. R 5km. Morning run + massage.

Traveling to Helsinki.


Traveling to Ventspils.

17:37 PM: 13' running + 42' orienteering. R 9km. Model event. Had a good
feeling physically (resting HR in the car before the training was 40 and when
running 5min/km the heart rate was about 100-110 bpm). Technically I had to adapt
myself quite a lot but it started to work better by using patience.


Resting HR in the morning 35bpm.

8:00 AM: 7' circuit + 13' running. R 2,5km.
11:00 AM: 18' running + 40' orienteering + 24' running. R 14,5km. 2nd model
event. Made some faster sections and it felt good - and what was more important,
orienteering was fluent. Did a long workout (long warm-ups) to enhance the aerobic
metabolism. A bit sore legs after running on road for 5k (I haven't done that much
16:19 PM: 28' running + 15' circuit. R 4,5km. Jogging and various strange
workouts in the park before massage. I wanted to keep my back flexible.


8:32h, R 81km. Taking it easy before EOC.