20/2008 Quite tough training before the EOC


7:40 AM: 16' running + 4' football. R 4km.
9:40 AM: 7' running + 116' orienteering + 6' running. R 17km.
14:55 PM: 75' volleyball/football + 25' running. R 8km.

 Long training (MAP 1)
Long training (MAP 2)


8:58 AM: 40' running + 39' orienteering/running + 21' running. R 15km.
14:40 PM: 57' orienteering/running. R 10km. Orienteering in Hanko.
 Hanko (MAP 1)
Hanko (MAP 2)


8:55 AM: 21' running + 19' cycling. R 4km.
Traveling to Vihanti.
18:36 PM: 15' circuit + 27' running. R 5km.


10:28 AM: 20' running/orienteering. R 3km. Planning a training.
17:25 PM: 22' running + 28' orienteering + 40' running. R 16km. O-training
in Kalajoki. Map of the training.


11:41 AM: 20' running + 20' orienteering. R 6km. A short Latvia-training
in Palokangas. Very good stuff.
12:50 PM: 70' running/orienteering. R 10km. A long and easy training in
Kivivaara. Beautiful place and would be worth of a map, for sure!
 Palokangas (MAP)
Palokangas terrain (PHOTO 1)
Starting the training (PHOTO 2)
After the 1st loop (PHOTO 3)
A view towards the 3rd control (PHOTO 4)
Running to the 3rd control (PHOTO 5)
Footsteps leading to the 6th control (PHOTO 6)
Thanks, Palokangas and father Pentti (PHOTO 7)
Clearly the worst part of the terrain in Kivivaara (PHOTO 8)
Kivivaara (MAP)


7:43 AM: 13' running. R 2,5km. Running just to "wake up".
10:40 AM: 27' running + 40' orienteering + 23' running. R 18km. Middle
distance race in Virpiniemi. I did a steady performance (lost only one leg, by 1s)
and running was really fast, though I felt my legs a bit tired. 9,09km in 39.38
(4.22min/km) was still a really good performance.
15:39 PM: 16' running. R 2,5km. Short sprint-o training, following Uzbe's
actions on my gravel pit sprint map.

 Virpiniemi (MAP)
Haara (MAP)


10:30 AM: 15' running. R 3km.
18:26 PM: 120' running/orienteering. R 21,5km. Running from Tapion Tupa to Ylikangas
Ylikangas -mansion (situated in Pahkala) with Uzbe, Esko and Jukka. A very good
slow speed exercise and some quality time at Esko's place afterwards (sauna,
a supper and some special program, thanks!).
 First kilometers (MAP 1)
Short o-parts (MAP 2)


16:02h, R 145,5km.