13/2008 Back in Finland



I won't be updating my diary as frequently as I was doing it during the last month.
I'm not getting any financial compensation from doing this - so it is and actually
has been for a long time, just a beloved hobby of mine. But if you are keen to
read this page, don't get depressed - it will keep on going but I can't promise
much text about the basic trainings anymore. From now on, I'll focus on the
important trainings, maps and photos. So no more HR-files from morning runs :-).
That is maybe only a good thing to happen...

10:50 AM: 44' running. R 9km. Two times 1K faster (3.15 and 3.14), tired and
bad conditions.
 Running 44' (HR)


7:30 AM: 65' running. R 13km. A long morning run in Jyväskylä.


11:00 AM: 80' hiking/running. R 10km.




9:50 AM: 28' running + 11' cycling. R 6km.

16:14 PM: 39' running + 40' strength + 13' running. R 10km. Jammu's yoga.


9:34 AM: 25' running + 14' sprint-o + 12' warming-up + 12' sprint-o + 23' running. R 17km.
2 x sprint in Kortepohja. Running was quite good but route choices (I have mad the
map...) really bad ;-). Good tough training!
 2 x sprint-O 26' (HR)
1st round (MAP 1)
2nd round (MAP 2)


10:55 AM: 153' running. R 29km. A long run in Jyväskylä.

18:16 PM: 23' cycling + 10' circuit. + after this short training a long, really
good stretching session. Let's hope this combination will help my muscles to
recover. If it does that, I will use exactly this kind of approach in making
short recovery exercises.
 Running 153' (HR)
Recovery session 33' (HR)


9:52h, R 94km. I aimed to do an easy week, it succeeded almost perfectly.