12/2008 Finishing the training-camp


7:16 AM: 4' circuit + 21' running. R 4km.

9:45 AM: 21' running + 42' running technique/circuit + 27' football. R 10km.
This was very good training for me again. I need to get some speed to my legs.

16:12 PM: 20' running + 22' orienteering + 4' running. R 7,5km. A short downhill-o
in Taverne. 2,94km in 21.43, performance was okay but not perfect.
 Running 21' (HR)
Mixed training 91' (HR)
Orienteering 22' (HR)
Taverne (MAP)
A view to Lugano (PHOTO)


7:31 AM: 21' running. R 4km. Running with Minna.

10:01 AM: 25' running + 50' running/orienteering + 35' running. R 20km.
Tough training but I wasn't too tired at the end. Training has done it's job.
Check out the San Zeno map to see how the 1st downhill course was and to see
the red line which shows how we ran the uphills (1,8km, 130m climbing).
 Running 21' (HR)
Running/orienteering 50' (HR)
San Zeno (MAP)


9:11 AM: 25' running + 34' orienteering + 18' running. R 11km. Middle training.
Some bad route choices (worth of 2mins) but o-thinking was very good in general.
I was 2nd, lost 40s to Juha. Good for Terä in this training.
 Orienteering 34' (HR)
Taverne (MAP)


19:00 PM: 9' strength. 100x abs and 100x push-ups. Aargghh.




8:45 AM: 21' running. R 4km. 1st morning run in Jyväskylä. Cold weather (-15C).
12:25 PM: 129' skiing. Skiing (29km) in Pyhäjärvi with Minna.
 Running 21' (HR)
Skiing 129' (HR)


10:51 AM: 229' skiing + 5' running. R 1km. Skiing (50km) in Vihanti with Minna.
We did almost all the available tracks.

18:40 PM: 32' running. R 7km. Easy running on icy roads. I didn't feel like
I had been skiing for 4 hours in the morning. Very good.
 Skiing 229' (HR)


14:14h, R 73,5km. + 80km skiing.