10/2008 Orienteering in le Caylar


7:34 AM: 20' running. R 3,5km. Running on small paths in le Caylar. This is better
place for morning runs because I'm able to run on paths also, not just on asphalt.

10:42 AM: 28' running + 30' orienteering + 12' running. R 11,5km. The Czech national
team is also training in le Caylar and they allowed us to train with them, superb!
For the next days we have the pleasure to enjoy from the high quality o-trainings
by the Czech coaches and of course the training company of the athletes. Today was
a middle distance day, including qualification race in the morning and final in the
evening. The courses were excellent and very demanding, as you can see when you look
at my maps.
By the way, I lost about 8min to Mr.Smola in the two races today...;-). So the
orienteering is not working that well yet. The evening's orienteering was better
(excluding that one control) but I'm still overestimating my abilities to find
the controls with pure luck...

16:10 PM: 30' running + 36' orienteering + 35' running. R 13km. Perfect
technical training! Very demanding, and I missed the easiest control for 4min...
 Running 20' (HR)
Orienteering 30' (HR)
St Eulalie de Cernon (MAP)
Orienteering 36' (HR)
le Mont Merdous (MAP)
The Caylar terrain (PHOTO)


7:53 AM: 10' circuit + 20' running. R 3,5km. A wake-up training. Circuit
did help the feeling with the muscles but generally I was a bit tired.

10:43 AM: 33' running + 45' orienteering. R 11km. Orienteering intervals.
Start training with the Czechs. Challenging training again, I was the fastest this time.
Orienteering was perfect in 3/9, good enough in 3/9 and quite bad in 3/9 of the intervals.
It was snowing (with stormy wind) all the time during the training, so quite rough

16:14 PM: 14' running + 36' orienteering + 16' running. R 12km. Chasing start.
Missed the last control, Michal thanked and took the win. Enjoeyd a lot, even if
my running started to feel very slow already. Yeah, it's the back which remainds
that it still exists. Now I'll have easier day on tomorrow.
 Running 20' (HR)
Orienteering intervals 45' (HR)
Couple of the intervals (MAP)
Orienteering 36' (HR)
The chasing start (MAP)
Our stone house (PHOTO)


11:00 AM: 175' running/hiking. R 25km. A trip around Lac Salagou. Strong wind
on the southern coast of the lake!
 Running/hiking 175' (HR)
lac Salagou (PHOTO 1)
lac Salagou (PHOTO 2)
lac Salagou (MAP)
On the top of Roc Castel (PHOTO)


10:00 AM: 81' orienteering + 4' running. R 14km. A long distance training.
12,26km and only 10 controls. I felt sooo slow and there was no strength in the
body either.

14:35 PM: 80' orienteering. R 11km. Coaching Minna in Roc Acro. Strong wind again.
This was good for the legs (many stops during the workout are good
in these kind of exercises).
 Orienteering 81' (HR)
le Mont Merdous (MAP 1)
le Mont Merdous (MAP 2)
Orienteering 80' (HR)
Making wood (PHOTO)


7:45 AM: 41' running. R 8km. Last training in le Caylar.
Traveling "through" France, to St. Genis-Pouilly (near Geneve).
 Running 41' (HR)
Viaduc de Millau (PHOTO)


Finally a rest day - good judgement! Enjoying Geneve.
 Geneve (PHOTO 1)
Geneve (PHOTO 2)
Geneve (PHOTO 3)


10:54 AM: 30' running + 13' orienteering. R 7km. Ran the World Cup 2002
sprint course in Vidy, Lausanne.  I ran the course leg by leg and used the
same amount of time as winner in 2002 (Juri O), 12.51. Tried to run the
legs at 100-110% competition speed. Felt quite good.

Traveling to Locarno for Team Finland's TC.

18:48 PM: 20' running. R 4km. Easy running in Tenero. Met mr.Tervo
from the railway station. He had done skiing marathon today lasting no more
than about 100min.
 Driving towards Simplonpass (PHOTO)
Simplon Pass (PHOTO)


13:30h, R 127km. Total climbing in week 10: 2100m.