09/2008 Training a lot


The 2nd day of simple endurance training.

8:14 AM: 11' running. 2km. A short morning run. The left ankle hurts because
of yesterday's long training and especially due to it's downhill sections on
asphalt. Bad judgement - but you have to run down from the mountains in a way or

9:35 AM: 186' running. 29km. Long run in le Lavandou. Now I hiked 30% of
the course, due to ankle problem. The pain eased after one hour and I could
run all the time after that. This was clearly easier than yesterday's long
training. Training included 1060m uphill (which was in fact 30m more than

Oh, I almost forgot. Interesting fact was that I was running the northernmost part
of training without a map from that area. You know what will happen in these
cases. Yeah, I got lost and had to call Minna to pick me up from Col de Gratteloup.
The map attached below would be helpful next time, if we had it printed on paper
also...But I won't print it here anymore, because getting lost is actually
interesting and exciting...
 Running/hiking 186 (HR)
Long training (MAP)
She is running again (PHOTO 1)
Where am I? (PHOTO 2)


The 3rd day of simple endurance training.
8:26 AM: 49' running. R 10km. Running, running technique and 10x50-100m
spurts. Surprisingly good feeling after a very slow start. The sore ankle warmed
up and after that I was running relaxed and quite fast at these HR levels

11:11 AM: 210' cycling. Cycling Hyères-La Londe-Collobrieres-Col de Gratteloop-
Hyères. Wow, long cycling in beautiful surroundings, could training be any more
pleasurable? Distance was 85km. I had a fast bike which made the job easy.

18:14 PM: 52' running. R 11km. Feeling quite fresh at the end! Let's see how it is
tomorrow morning, as today's total training amount was quite big: 5h 12min, 21km
running and 85km cycling. 
 Running 49' (HR)
Cycling 210' (HR)
Running 52' (HR)
Cycling (PHOTO 1)
Cycling (PHOTO 2)
Cycling (PHOTO 3)


14:17 PM: 120' running. R 23km. Long run with some "natural running technique"
on demanding and rocky coast path. Good, but maybe not that recovering exercise.
 Running 120' (HR)


10:25 AM: 10' circuit + 95' running. R 19km. Did a short workout for the trunk
muscles in order to prepare my body for the hill training. The gluteus muscles and
back felt pretty damn jammed.

In the warm-up feeling wasn't that bad and after my 1st "interval" (only two of them
actually) it felt pretty good to run down to the start. The 2nd attempt was a lot
better and I ran quite strong for 10min, then I was tired for couple of mins but
managed to do a rapid end. In the cool down I noticed that recovery was fast and
feeling of course very good. Still, I think this was the only tough training on this
week, because the priority is clearly the big amount of easy aerobic training.

16:00 PM: 30' circuit + 67' running/football. R 9km.
 Running 95' (HR)
Running 95' (HRdistribution)
Le Lavandou hill (MAP)
Running/football 67' (HR)


8:04 AM: 160' cycling. Tired, not motivated, bike was slow and the rider complete
zero. But it was good basic workout. I neither did reach my goal - Mt le Sauvette (780m)
and was disappointed for that too. But good and big pizza (which Minna bought from
one boulangerie in Hyères) helped after training.

15:54 PM: 95' running. R 19km. Running on the coast hills near le Lavandou. Sun shines
beautifully over the Mediterranean sea. Running was okay.
 Cycling 160' (HR)
Running 95' (HR)
Cycling in the morning (MAP)
Running in the evening (MAP)
Mt le Sauvette (PHOTO 1)
The Bregancon beach (PHOTO 2)


Leaving le Lavandou - traveling to Marseille.
11:55 AM: 80' hiking/jogging. R 7km. Visiting les Calanques near to Marseille.
Spend the night in Marseille. We were in Olympique Marseille - Auxerre football

 les Calanques (PHOTO 1)
les Calanques (PHOTO 2)
les Calanques (PHOTO 3)
les Calanques (PHOTO 4)
les Calanques (PHOTO 5)
les Calanques (PHOTO 6)
Marseille (PHOTO 1)
Marseille (PHOTO 2)
Marseille - Auxerre (PHOTO 1)
Marseille - Auxerre (PHOTO 2)


Traveling Marseille - le Caylar. 2nd easy day in training.
16:43 PM: 99' orienteering. R 12km. Checking out the terrain in le Caylar.
 Minna in Montpellier (PHOTO)
Roc Acro (MAP 1)
Roc Acro (MAP 2)
Orienteering 99' (HR)
Not too luxurious apartment (PHOTO)


21:05h, R 141km. + cycling 150km. Climbing (by running) on week 9: 4260m.