08/2008 Easy training and the Tour start


09:00 AM: 37' running. R 8km. Running on treadmill. Stiff muscles but managed
to run 2 x 1000m in 5.55.

Taking it easy with Minna in the evening, just before we head for our loong trip.


17:00 PM: 54' running + 20' swimming. R 10km. Easy training.


Massage and trip to Milano.


Traveling Bergamo-Borgo Ticino.

11:12 AM: 22' running + 45' orienteering. R 10km. O-training together with Alessio
Tenani in Borgo Ticino. Good stuff!

Interesting conversations with Alessio, Stefano and Minna between the trainings.

15:14 PM: 71' orienteering + 4' running. R 11km. O-training in Tradate. It's not
that "green" you could imagine (some parts are even more "green" ;-)). Just kidding,
mainly it was quite easy to run. I enjoyed this one too - it was technically
more challenging than Borgo Ticino.

Traveling to Genova.
 Orienteering 45' (HR)
Bosco Solivo (MAP)
Orienteering 71' (HR)
Tradate (MAP)
Speculation and special care after Tradate training (PHOTO)


07:52 AM: 22' running. R 4km. In Sestri Ponente (Genova's suburb, I think.

Traveling to Monte Beigua.

10:52 AM: 84' orienteering + 27' running. R 15,5km. A long training in Mt Beigua.
Spectacular views! Quite a lot snow in the forest. Made a downhill section in the
end (4km in 16min, HRavg 123). The place was worth of a visit.

Traveling to San Remo.

15:49 PM: 48' orienteering. R 7km. A short training in San Remo with Minna.
Beautiful town and interesting (tricky streets beside the hill!) sprint-map.

Traveling to Nizza.
 Orienteering/running 111' (HR)
Orienteering 48' (HR)
Monte Beigua (MAP)
A view from Mt Beigua (PHOTO 1)
More snow than in Finland? (PHOTO 2)
The mountain top in the western part of map (PHOTO 3)
Sprint training in San Remo (PHOTO 4)
Minna in San Remo (PHOTO 5)
The casino in San Remo (PHOTO 6)


Easy day. Tourism in Nizza + traveling to Le Lavandou.

17:39 PM: 48' running. R 9km. On the streets of Le Lavandou.
 Running 48 ' (HR)
Tourist in Nizza (PHOTO 1)
2nd tourist in Nizza (PHOTO 2)
Approaching our destination near Frejus (PHOTO 3)
Our apartment in Le Lavandou (PHOTO 4)


Back to the business -> we'll stay here for a week. Long trainings coming up.

8:51 AM: 38' running. R 8km. Long morning run in Le Lavandou.

11:11 AM: 190' running. R 32km. On the coast mountains of Le Lavandou. 90%
running, 10% hiking (the steepest uphills). I really enjoy these "real
endurance sessions" even if my legs do hurt like hell in the last downhill.

18:59 PM: 15' circuit + 15' running. R 3km. A recovery training. Uhh, legs
feel slow and heavy after 43km running today. But maybe this and 2h of stretching
in addition will help to recover. Normal amount per day is only 1h ;-).
 Running 38' (HR)
Running 190' (HR)
Circuit/running 30' (HR)
Long training (MAP)
Le Lavandou (PHOTO)
Nice small town (PHOTO 2)


12:21h, R 118,5km. Total climbing (by running) on week 8: 2775m