07/2008 Test run + good training


16:50 PM: 44' running + 20' running technique + 15' circuit. R 11km. Good
training! And the back is not that jammed anymore. After yesterday's rinkball it
was in bad condition after a long period of only good feelings concerning it.


9:20 AM: 84' running + 15' cycling. R 19km. Warming-up (30' + 15') + TERÄ's
11km test run (road, ~150m uphill). 38.58 was a good result in this weather. I've
run the course in 37.40 but this time the conditions were not even close to those
in my best run. So everything seems to be ok. Legs felt really slow after the run
but that's the way it usually is.
17:15 PM: 45' cycling. More cycling to ease up the pain in legs. Checking out
Terä training starting in Keltinmäki.
 Test run 39' (HR)


9:44 AM: 105' running. R 24km. A little bit faster long run in southern Jyväskylä.
Legs were a bit jammed in the end. Really nice weather and feeling. HRavg 142 during
the first 100'. I had to do 5' more to cool-down the legs. 
A whole body massage.
16:52 PM: 15' cycling + 40' floorball + 5' cycling. R 4km.
 Running 105' (HR)


9:54 AM: 60' running + 10' circuit. R 12km. A long morning run + some work-out
for the stomach and back. Feeling good after yesterday's massage.

17:26 PM: 37' running + 80' skiing. R 7,5km. Running/skiing. I had very bad skis
and the training was difficult.
 Running 60' (HR)
Running/skiing 117' (HR)


10:46 AM: 5' running + 55' skiing/running. R 3,5km. Cold, but beautiful weather.
It was possible to ski on snow in the forest (which is not easy here in Central
Finland, too many trees and thickets.)

16:40 PM: 27' running + 43' circuit. R 5km. Jammu's yoga-training in Likes.
Feeling good.
 Running/circuit 70' (HR)


9:42 AM: 14' running + 43' orienteering + 18' running. R 17,5km. Good mood
in Terä's training! Check out the files.
15:55 PM: 12' running + 40' skiing. R 2km. Just an easy aerobic work-out.
 Orienteering 43' (HR)
Today's training in Jyvaskyla (MAP)


8:46 AM: 19' running. R 3,5km. Morning run in Haukanniemi. Snowing -> paths were very slippery.
Little bit tired after hard week. But still I couldn't resist the temptation->
11:08 AM: 12' running + 31' orienteering + 12' running. R 12km. Another city-O training,
now in Säynätsalo. Good performance, but a bit tired. Lost 1½min to Jonne and
30s to Juha. Jonne made probably couple of better route choices but mainly the
difference was made "by foot". The "results" and splits will be found sooner or
later on the Suunta Jyväskylä web pages.
18:09 PM: 80' floorball. R 8km. Floorball session ends the week.
 Orienteering 31' (HR)
Saynatsalo (MAP)
Floorball 80' (HR)


16:27h, R 129km. Cycling 26km and skiing 36km.