04/2008 Finally winter?


9:30 AM: 18' running. R 3,5km. Easy morning run.
15:34 PM: 20' running + 12' circuit + 15' running tech. + 33' running + 10' cycling. R 12km.
Planned an indoor training for myself and friends (plan attached...) and it went
as planned. But it wasn't as easy as I thought. The gluteus muscles as well as
quadratus lumborums are stiff after so much running in wet and slippery forest
on Friday and Saturday.
 Today's training - almost as it went (PLAN)


08:00 AM: 40' aqua-jogging + 100' running. R 22km. Nice and long mixed training.
16:00 PM: 25' circuit + 28' running. R 6km. Rehabilitation.


8:40 AM: 15' circuit + 55' running + 20' cycling. R 11km.
Massage by A. Koivuranta.


11:00 AM: 100' running. R 20km. Uphill-training on paths and roads. Really bad weather
but feeling was quite okay.
16:00 PM: 40' cycling + 20' circuit. Rehabilitation. Suites me, as it usually does after
a harder training.


18:00 PM: 80' running + 20' cycling. R 16km. Interval-training (2x25x200m, 10km
in 37.45. Fast laps I did at speeds 34-36s/200m and slower ones between 55-60s.
It was tougher than I thought and my speed on flat isn't improving that fast I
would like it to happen. But that's the case it has always been, so no problems. 


9:15 AM: 15' running + 35' skiing. R 3km.


Rest day.


11:41h, R 93,5km.