03/2008 Typical winter training?


Traveling the rest of the trip to home (Helsinki-Jyväskylä).
16:13 PM: 70' running. R 14,5km. Running from Muurame to home. Easy, but slightly
weird feeling. HRavg 135.


8:50 AM: 15' circuit + 18' running. R 3,5km. Strange feeling still.
-> skipped the hard training in the evening and managed to get a massage time.
That did good, thanks mr. Koivuranta.




10:35 AM: 15' circuit + 25' running. R 5km. The usual morning training.
16:59 PM: 99' running. R 19km. Running with Aapee, Beat and Jonne. Easy mood,
and for the first time this year I wasn't tired at all after the training. But
back was a bit jammed in the end. HRavg 136.


12:34 PM: 16' running + 84' orienteering + 5' running. R 17,5km. I once again
had a bizarre thought in the morning - now I have to run the 2005 Finnish Champs
in Jämsä. And to do it at full speed (and without mistakes). I managed to do a
tough run (I was totally exhausted in the end) and hardly any mistakes. The
terrain was - as I had heard - quite rough and some extra deforestation was done.
Some of those made running and orienteering easier and some vice versa. But if
I check all the split times, I can see that most of the times are quite close to
those in FC's 2005.
See the map and the split times speculation for further information. HRavg 180.
18:10 PM: 12' running + 28' cycling. R 2km. Had to do more cool-down.
 Kartinvuori (MAP + SPLITS)


10:32 AM: 33' circuit + 27' running. R 5km. Awful weather in Jyväskylä.
16:45 PM: 20' running + 55' orienteering. R 12,5km. Aaarghh. Made many
mistakes in the night-o training. There's nothing useful to tell about this one,
except that it was an extreme experience.
 Asmalampi (MAP)


10:59 AM: 15' cycling + 15' running. R 3km. Didn't reach Terä's "mummopack"
and had no motivation to run alone. Which was only a good thing to happen, so
tired are my legs at the moment.


9:13h, R 82km.