52/2007 Christmas week


10:55 AM: 10' running + 87' orienteering + 5' running. R 16km. Jukola 2002 last
leg (from the start to the spectator control). Lots of new clearings and other s..t.
I enjoeyd the training, though. Merry Christmas!
 Jukola 2002 (MAP 1)
Jukola 2002 (MAP 2)


8:45 AM: 16' running. R 3km. A short morning run before traveling to Jyväskylä,
and furthermore to Vihanti.
13:20 PM: 2' running + 71' orienteering + 2' running. R 13km. Orienteering
in Myrävuori (Finnish Champs in relay-o 2000). I had a 10,9km course with 290m
climbing and I must say the terrain is in great shape, just nice and easy to run
there. The speed in the training tells it too, 11km of orienteering just over 70min
and the HRavg was only at the aerobic threshold.
 Finnish Champs in relay 2000 (MAP 1)
Finnish Champs in relay 2000 (MAP 2)


9:25 AM: 20' circuit + 15' running. R 3km. Today's training aim is at
rehabilitation of the sore muscles.
12:26 PM: 65' running. R 11km. Mostly very easy jogging in snow but including
also 12 x 150m downhill-running (2.30-3.10min/km).


13:13 PM: 22' running. R 5km. In the middle I ran a bit faster - 3,1km
in 11.42, 3.45min/km and HRavg 159bpm. My measured aerobic threshold is 165bpm,
but as you can see, in every training condition that isn't so precise. Because
the speed I ran, 3.45min/km, is far below my real aerobic threshold speed. Big
amount of training often decreases heart rate at aerobic threshold. Was
that clear enough ;-)?
The general feeling was good, despite the back and the buttocks were pretty jammed.
17:54 PM: 5' running + 82' orienteering + 5' running + 10' running more. R 14km.
Night-O in Paratiisi (Paradise Lost) with Timbe and Laura. First a short warm-up
together and then "faster" or at least tougher running for 8km. Really difficult
terrain at night. Thank you for the maps and the challenging course in Oulainen
Matti Haapakoski!
 Parasite-Nite (MAP)


9:19 AM: 90' running. R 13km. Looking up and choosing my piece
of land (which was donated to me back in 2001...) in Lumijärvi. Then we ran to
home with my father Pentti. Good rehabilitation for my legs.
16:57 PM: 5' running + 45' floorball. R 4km.


9:20 AM: 16' running. R 3km. Some running technique.
13:27 PM: 5' running + 82' orienteering + 5' running. R 14km. The Finnish
Champs for the seniors (H35 final) back in 2005. The course can be found here:
Spectacular wilderness terrain and good mood to do the job.


16:40 PM: 20' running + 18' orienteering + 30' hiking. R 8km. Night-O
training in Vaajakoski. I had really bad luck because I crushed my leg between
rocks. The hole was hidden completely under moss and I had no idea that there
could be a hole. The pain was quite big.


12:13h, R 107km.