51/2007 Lots of aerobic training in Vääksy


8:55 AM: 30' running + 20' circuit. R 6km.
18:00 PM: 60' cycling + 60' running. R 13km.


9:30 AM: 90' running. R 20km. Between the thresholds running training (45').
The km-speeds were about 3.45-4.10 min/km, so not that tough training after all.
Traveling Jyväskylä-Tampere (I was Minna's avec in the Year's Finnish Athlete Gala).


No time for training (traveling Tampere-Jyväskylä).
Whole body massage.


13:58 PM: 110' orienteering/hiking. R 13km. An easy training during our trip
to Vääksy. We found some nice places on the shores of Päijänne (mostly bare rock)
and the weather was beautiful again!
 Judinsalo (MAP)


9:26 AM: 8' running + 65' orienteering + 14' running. R 14km. Orienteering
in Salonsaari with Minna. Seven years ago we did almost the same training in Salon-
saari with Minna. It was a snowless December back then too. Orienteering was mistake-
less and running was very good (for example after the training, I ran at 4.15 -
4.30 min/km and the HR was only 120-125).
13:03 PM: 48' running + 49' skiing + 5' running. R 10km. Mixed training - 1st
running from Merrasjärvi to Salpausselkä and then some skiing there. Not too tired
feeling at the end.
Quite tough forenoon (or, to be accurate:  9 AM -> 15 PM).
 Salonsaari (MAP)


9:07 AM: 21' running + 9' circuit. R 4km. Short morning run and circuit.
11:11 AM: 195' running/hiking. R 27km. A long easy speed training in Vääksy
Loukkuharju-Vääksy). HRavg only 99 (the speed was of course very slow). But again
I was happy to do a long and easy aerobic training in good weather and company...


12:56 PM: 13' skiing + 80' running. R 17,5km. I had planned to ski with Minna
and his father but had to break and do the alternative drill (40min steady state on
road). Muscles are bit sore after this week's hard trainings and my running felt so
bad that I had to seek smaller paths and forest to become less seen. Managed to run
the 10,3km in 40.00 (2km on small paths and 100m climbing). HRavg was 173. So this
was only "between the thresholds" -training again. The whole course from Salpausselkä
to Paimela was 17,5 long and took 80min to complete.
It started to snow quite a lot after I left Lahti. It might be a White Christmas
after all! Have it nice my friend and good luck for next year!


14:37h, R 124,5km. Whew, that was good week. Now I'm tired and ready to relax
for the Christmas!