49/2007 Still busy with studies etc.


7:00 AM: 20' running + 10' circuit. R 4km. Really short morning run.
Then had to study from to 8 AM------->


Woke up at 4 AM and started to work with my research. This is not healthy.
I came back to home at 6 PM...and had some time to test my swallowtail for the
Independence Day Party! It will be in use for the 2nd time on Thursday, last time
I had it on in the same party, back in 2001...
Today's training was playing billiards. I got defeated by Timbe two times.
 Hello Mrs. President, can I bring some friends with me? (PHOTO)


9:15 AM: 55' running. R 12km. A long morning run, good running!

Some training in the evening, but what was it?


9:46 AM: 57' running. R 12km. With Minna in Vääksy.
Traveling to Helsinki (the Independence Day Party).


Traveling back to Vääksy.
14:21 PM: 10' running + 68' orienteering + 10' running. R 13km. I was sick
when the FC-relay was run in Lahti this autumn so I had to check out the course
today. Nice to run in the forest but it started to get quite dark already from the
start (fortunately I had Petzl).
I had to plan my presentation for tomorrow's seminar for the coaches during the
evening, so it's still a bit busy for me.


Traveling to Jyväskylä after seminar.
18:46 PM: 65' running + 60' cycling. R 12km. Basic stuff. But these
mixed trainings help me to avoid the most severe back-aches.


9:45 AM: 90' running. R 17km. Running alone in Jyväskylä, quite easy feeling.
19:30 PM: 18' running + 27' orienteering + 15' running. R 9km. Short, but
not easy night-o training in Kangasvuori.


8:25h, R 79km. Cycling 30km.