48/2007 Preliminary week for later strength & running technique


11:00 AM: 40' cycling. C 12km.
19:00 PM: 35' running + 15' circuit + 25' running tech. R 7km. Preliminary
circuit & running-technique -training. Vormisto coached the triathletes' training
to Lase and me. Good judgement to take it easier than was the plan. Next time;
even more easier pace is needed (it must be a fully aerobic training, so that
the movements are coordinated easily and properly).


9:10 AM: 18' running. 3,5km. Easy morning run + short stretching/flexibility session.
Studying the whole day again.
17:25 PM: 111' running. 18,5km. Terä's "long and easy" run. I was long but not
that easy for me. Well, the feeling will improve before next summer.


8:59 AM: 7' cycling + 53' water-running + 20' cycling. R 1km. C 10km. Rehabilitation
running in Aaltoalvari. When I woke up and tried to walk down the stairs, it was
almost impossible to do it. Monday's training had damaged my quadriceps
femoris -muscles...it's not easy to start running-technique and strength-training.


10:25 AM: 25' cycling + 15' running + 20' circuit. R 3km. C 10km. Mixed training.
I had a sore throat so had to take it easy today.


17:42 PM: 70' skiing. S 15km. 1st time skiing. Did some rounds on 500m track
in Lahti. About 15km skiing totally.


9:30 AM: 16' running. 3km. A short morning run in Vääksy.
14:23 PM: 15' running + 27' orienteering + 10' running. 8,5km. O-training in Karhukorpi (Porvoo). Quite nice performance
on my "own track" (planned the course for OK Orient's seminar some weeks ago).
4,1km in 27.15. Ascent 120m. Nice to do real orienteering after a long break.
 Map with essential objects only (MAP)
OK Orient's seminar (PHOTO)


12:15 AM: 112' running. 15,5km. Long running/hiking in Isojärvi National Park.
Very good training and good feeling. Ascent 305m.
18:54 PM: 20' circuit + 16' running + 10' cycling. 3km.
 At the starting point - Heretty (PHOTO)
It would be superb for orienteering as well (MAP)


11:20h, 63km running. + 35km cycling and 15km skiing. A good start week!!