34/2007 WOC in Ukraine!


8:44 AM: 22' running. 4,5km. Morning run.
11:51 AM: 50' running. 11km. Running on Dolobetskyi-island. Good stuff again.
 Running 22' (HR)
Running 50' (HR)


10:24 AM: 90' running. 18,5km. Running on both of the islands on Dnepr. Easy
training with Jani.
17:21 AM: 12' circuit. Circuit + long stretching (45min).
Short massage in the evening.
 Running 90' (HR)


8:14 AM: 14' running. 3km. Morning run.
 Running 14' (HR)


9:45 AM: 20' running + 93' orienteering + 10' running. 21km. The World Champs long distance final.
A BIG disappointment. Had planned to take medal in this race but managed to run well for about 45min.
The diarrhea - which every time caughts me in Ukraine - ate the powers out during the two days prior to
the final. It's tough to handle the situation, after all you've been thinking about this day for a one year.
I hope I'll cope with it.

Minna and Heli took the gold together, amazing!!! Orienteering 90' (HR)


8:39 AM: 21' running. 4,5km. Morning run. Almost normal feeling.
 Running 21' (HR)


8:05 AM: 20' running. 4km. Morning run with Iron Mats. Stiff muscles.

12:12 PM: 20' running + 49' orienteering + 5' running. 13km. The WOC 2007 relay, 2nd leg. Mats came
1st, I 4th and Tero 3rd - so it's a bronze medal for Finland. The first WOC medal for me since 2001. I made
some mistakes and had a long (or at least a slow one) gaffling on 2nd leg and the margin to Russia grew too
big. But we are happy with the bronze, it's so damn tight nowadays in men's relay. And the girls won today
too! They are something else!
 Running 20' (HR)
Orienteering 49' (HR)
Golosiivo (MAP)



7:07h, 79,5km.