33/2007 Heading to the WOC


14:49 PM: 20' circuit + 42' running. 8km. Easy training in Vääksy.


8:12 AM: 17' running. 3,5km.
11:43 AM: 7' running + 45' orienteering + 15' running. 11,5km. O-training
in Hälvälä. Excellent terrain and running, but merely average orienteering.
 Orienteering 45' (HR)
Halvala (MAP)


8:07 AM: 26' running. 5km. Morning run with Minna in Vääksy.
Traveling Vääksy-Helsinki-Kiev 09 AM - 09 PM (including press conference in HKI).
 Running 26' (HR)


8:05 AM: 16' running. 3,5km. Morning run in Kiev.
15:15 AM: 59' orienteering. 8,5km. O-training in Obukhiv (similar to long
qualification terrain). One *¨'´+0 dog bite me in the leg.
 Running 16' (HR)
Orienteering 59' (HR)
Obukhiv (MAP)


11:54 AM: 42' orienteering. 7km. Short o-training in Novoselky. A bit tired.
Massage in the afternoon.
 Orienteering 42' (HR)
This part faster (MAP)


9:07 AM: 18' running. 3,5km. Morning run with Minna. Easy feeling.
12:00 PM: 40' running. 8,5km. Running on Hydropark-island. Light and efficient
running, the heat (about 32C?) didn't bother. Tomorrow is going to be a hot day
also (>30C).
 Running 18' (HR)
Running 40' (HR)
Hydropark island (MAP)


9:28 AM: 25' running + 61' orienteering + 15' running. 17km. WOC 2007 long
qualification. 6th, after an average performance. One big mistake and several
wrong route choices. IN THE FINAL...

 Orienteering 61' (HR)
Pidgirtsy (MAP 1)
Pidgirtsy (MAP 2)


7:25h, 76km.