32/2007 Huippuliiga-final 2007


10:15 AM: 18' running + 30' cycling. 3,5km. Easy training before massage.


8:55 AM: 16' running. 3,5km. Good running in the morning.
Studying whole day.
17:25 PM: 102' running. 18,5km. Running with Jones and Mixi.
 Running 16' (HR)
Running 102' (HR)


7:43 AM: 13' running + 42' orienteering + 12' running. 14km. O-training in
Kangashäkki. See the HR-file and videos for more information. 
 Orienteering 42' (HR)
Long distance training in Kangashäkki (VIDEO 1)
Long distance training in Kangashäkki (VIDEO 2)


Traveling Jyväskylä-Vääksy.
14:06 PM: 80' running. 12km. Very easy running from Vähimaa to Minna's home.


9:30 AM: 19' running. 4,5km. Running the skiing track on Minna's "backyard".
Made new PB when running it easily (4,3km, 100m uphill, avg HR 138). Good and
strong feeling.
19:38 PM: 23' running. 4,5km. Running in the evening in Kouvola. 4,7km.
 Running 19' (HR)
Running 23' (HR)


7:09 AM: 11' running. 2km. Short wake-up run.
10:30 AM: 25' running + 24' orienteering + 15' running. 11km. Top league's final
(prologue) in Hamina. I took it easily in the morning and o-rhythm wasn't the
best I can imagine. Couple of small mistakes. Lost already 1.32min to Jarkko and
finished 4th :( .
10:30 AM: 25' running + 33' orienteering + 14' running. 13km. Top league's final
(the chase-start final) in Hamina. I was bit angry after a somewhat bad prologue
and started aggressively. I had to get in touch with the leading runners
(Huovila, Fincke, Wickholm) and get rid of my followers (Muukkonen, Boström and
Bäckman). Somehow I succeeded in all my goals and was strong also in the finish
spurt. What a great race!
The results
 Orienteering 23' (HR)
Orienteering 33' (HR)
Lakaliininvuori (MAP 1, FINAL)
Lakaliininvuori (MAP 2, FINAL)
Lakaliininvuori (MAP, PROLOGUE)


18:09 PM: 65' running. 12,5km. Running from Vähimaa to Minna's home. This
time with Minna. Very good feeling again.


9:28h, 99km.