31/2007 Tuning up at home


Examination early in the morning + net course in the afternoon.
16:43 PM: 54' running. 11km. Interval-training in Harju. Check out the HR-file
and the map.
 Running 54' (HR)
Harju training (MAP)


12:00 PM: 45' cycling. Easy cycling before massage. Masseur Antti Koivuranta
and I had decided that this time it's going to be a rough-handed treatment. 2h
on the table and I was quite tired man.


10:39 AM: 15' running + 63' running/orienteering + 11' running. 17km. Orienteering
intervals in Kangashäkki. Check out the HR-file. The maps will not be published
on my site as there will be regional champs in two weeks. And twisted runners
who want to cheat - don't try to get in touch with me - I have already burned
the maps and erased everything out of my memory...
17:06 PM: 30' cycling.
 Orienteering 37' (HR)


7:43 AM: 18' running. 3,5km.
10:00 AM: 20' circuit + 45' running. 9km.




10:05 AM: 70' running. 13km. Running in Jyväskylä.
17:00 PM: 45' cycling. Cycling in Vääksy.


8:10 AM: 12' running. 2km.
11:38 AM: 25' running + 98' orienteering. 22km. The WOC long distance selection
race in Keräkankare. Had a good first hour (some 2min mistakes though) but after
that I made one crucial mistake on the long leg to 23th control and had to climb
one extra (big) hill. I hit the wall there and couldn't recover anymore. I think
it was both the lack of liquid in the body and insufficient fuelling during the
last days prior to the competition which prevented me from running full speed.
It was hard lesson but needed before the WOC. I finished still 3rd but 5.18min
after Jani, who made a remarkable run. Next time in long distance (on 24.8, WOC
long distance final in Ukraine BTW...) I will use the backbag filled with some
sportsdrink again! And won't hit the wall but hit through it.
 Orienteering 98' (HR)


8:45h, 77,5km.