30/2007 WC in O-ringen


9:05 AM: 20' running + 113' orienteering + 12' running. 28km. WC 3 in Mjölby.
The long distance was pretty interesting competition. I didn't orienteer well at
the beginning and made a big mistake in the end. Otherwise I liked this one much
and saw that the speed has developed compared to others after the back problems
have eased a bit. 11th place is enough but the poor orienteering isn't - ever ;-).
Results and split times 
 Orienteering 113' (HR)
Fast start and mistakes (MAP 1)
A bit better but too bad still (MAP 2)
3rd loop was reasonable (MAP 3)
Last loop was strong - almost to the finish... (MAP 4)
The best races today (MAP 5)


7:33 AM: 16' running. 3km. Legs felt sooo stiff but started to recover.
9:05 AM: 25' running + 33' orienteering + 15' running. 13,5km. The WC4 in Mjölby.
I finished 4th - the best result in the big international races since 2003. The
performance was two-parted - at the beginning I made quite a lot misses but was
anxious to improve my performance later on. It helped and I could climb up about
35 positions from the 1st intermediate control to the finish. I'm happy with the
result! But what comes to the performance, you know... ;-)
Results and split times
 Orienteering 33' (HR)
Måndalen (MAP)
On the podium (PHOTO 1)
On the podium (PHOTO 2)
Minna finished 7th (PHOTO 3)


10:45 AM: 5' circuit + 5' running + 19' orienteering. 4,5km. Sprint model event.
17:50 PM: 32' running + 15' orienteering + 20' running. 14km. The WC sprint in
Mjölby. I didn't feel so good anymore and legs were very slow. This is maybe the
worst schedule for my back (the sprint as the last discipline of three races).
Results and split times
 Orienteering 15' (HR)


Massage in the morning.
19:00 PM: 45' football. 5km. Football with Jonne in Linköping for 1½h.


11:56 AM: 84' running/orienteering. 13,5km. Running D21E 4th day's course
with Jonne (9,2km in 60min, easy speed). Feeling was still tired.
Traveling Mjölby-Stockholm.
 Orienteering/running 84' (HR)


Traveling Stockholm-Jyväskylä.
16:00 PM: 90' cycling. Easy cycling in Jyväskylä.


10:12 AM: 12' circuit + 18' running. 3,5km. A short recovery training.
14:00 PM: 104' running/orienteering. 18,5km. Easy long orienteering in Peurunka.
Did exactly the same training back in 2004 (on week 48, Saturday)!
 Orienteering/running 104' (HR)


11:23h, 103,5km.