29/2007 To Åland!


8:10 AM: 15' circuit + 29' running. 6km. The basic morning training.
16:56 PM: 117' running. 22,5km. Running with Afa and Jou. We ran first around
the Köhniönjärvi and then Tuomiojärvi. Short swimming after training.
 Running 29' (HR)
Running 117' (HR)


9:27 AM: 28' cycling. A short cycling prior to massage.
Traveling Jyväskylä-Tampere (visiting Särkänniemi)-Säkylä.


7:43 AM: 18' running. 3,5km. A morning run in Loma-Säkylä.
Traveling Säkylä-Kustavi-Lappo.
13:30 PM: 20' football + 54' running. 10km. Running in forest with Jonne around Lappo.
 The 1st boat trip starting (PHOTO 1)
The archipelago is amazing (PHOTO 2)
Nice rocks beside the sea (PHOTO 3)
You know the kind card game Uno ;-) (PHOTO 4)
The final boat trip to Lappo (PHOTO 5)
Lappo harbour (PHOTO 6)
Minna running in Lappo rocks (PHOTO 7)
Something is so damn funny again (PHOTO 8)
Picking up blueberries (PHOTO 9)


Traveling Lappo-Saltvik.
14:13 PM: 64' orienteering + 49' running. 19km. O-training in Daglösa + running.
18:00 PM: 40' football. 2km. VolleyFootball with Jonne. Nice sport!

 Orienteering/running 113' (HR)
Leaving Lappo (PHOTO 1)
Kumlinge harbour (PHOTO 2)
Traveling with my friends Jonne, Laura and Sulo (PHOTO 3)
Football with volleyball rules (PHOTO 4)
Eating well in Saltvik (PHOTO 5)


8:59 AM: 25' running. 5km.
11:28 AM: 87' orienteering. 11,5km. Easy orienteering in Geta.
 Orienteering 87' (HR)
Running in Geta (PHOTO 1)
Quite amazing terrain (PHOTO)


Visiting Mariehamn and traveling to Eckerö.
15:32 PM: 21' running + 69' cycling. 4km. Easy running and cycling in Eckerö.


Traveling Eckerö-Grisslehamn-Linköping.
14:26 PM: 20' running + 28' orienteering. 7,5km. Model event in Mjölby.
 Running/orienteering 48' (HR)


11:24h, 91km.