28/2007 TC in Kuusamo


9:29 AM: 19' running. 3,5km.
12:55 PM: 15' running + 55' orienteering + 5' running. 13,5km. WMOC Qualification 1
test run. I ran the M35-1 course in 55.10. Made some small mistakes and those
cost 2min alltogether. Speed was 85-90%. Quite nice terrain!
The map without route
19:23 PM: 15' running + 50' orienteering. 9km. An o-training in Ruka. Open_1C -course with
Timo at very easy speed. Just to recover legs.
The map without route
 Orienteering 55' (HR)
Running/orienteering 65' (HR)


8:46 AM: 16' running. 3,5km. Easy morning run in Ruka.
11:38 AM: 254' running. 35km. A long run with Minna. Legs felt pretty exhausted
at the end but otherwise it didn't feel so bad. However this was barely nothing.
Juha Sorvisto & Lasse Kautto did the whole Karhunkierros (80km) yesterday in 10h.
And yes, by running.
 Long run 254' (HR)
Laura, Minna, Pais and Timo's tongue (PHOTO)
Rapid Pais (PHOTO)
Foggy rapids (PHOTO)
Still on the Pieni Karhunkierros (PHOTO)
Salesgirl Minna heading towards Ruka (PHOTO)
On the top of Konttainen (PHOTO)
And on the 2nd last hill - Valtavaara (PHOTO)


My ankle got angry after yesterday's running and I couldn't walk in the morning...
13:26 PM: 60' hiking + 25' running + 47' cycling + 20' circuit. 11km.
Recovery-training. Nice views at the top of Riisitunturi (466m).
 Mixed training 157' (HR)
Riisitunturi (PHOTO 1)
Riisitunturi (PHOTO 2)
Riisitunturi (PHOTO 3)
Riisitunturi (PHOTO 4)


9:20 AM: 123' cycling + 20' running. 4km. Cycling Ruka-Kuusamo-Vuotunki-
WMOC Finals competition center. Nice training.
Traveling Ruka-Kajaani.
16:54 PM: 11' running. 2km. Warming-up in Kajaani + swimming and pizza!
Traveling Kajaani-Jyväskylä.
 Cycling/running 143' (HR)


11:45 AM: 15' circuit + 29' running. 6km.

 Running 29' (HR)


A rest day. Good judgement to keep a clear rest day -> almost fresh feeling on sunday!


10:30 AM: 22' running. 4,5km.
14:21 PM: 11' running + 55' orienteering + 5' running. 14km. Ukraine-training
in Hietasyrjä. 2 x 5,17km O-course in a steep moraine terrain. Felt a bit tired
on the 2nd lap but it was maybe just lazyness. Check out the analysis on HR and
map files!
18:48 PM: 20' cycling + 30' football. 2km. It was raining all the time so we had
to settle for a training with Antti and Jonne.
 Running 22' (HR)
Orienteering 55' (HR)
Hietasyrja (MAP)


15:24h, 107,5km.