27/2007 Kainuu O-week 2007


9:21 AM: 15' running. 3km.
14:30 PM: 30' running + 17' orienteering + 19' running. 13,5km. Top league III
in Kajaani. 3rd place only 1s after winners Måre and Petteri. Good sprint Pais!
 Orienteering 17' (HR)


8:16 AM: 22' running. 4km.
8:16 AM: 23' running + 79' orienteering + 15' running. 24km. 2nd day of the
week. Important day and I managed to do the things required. After being slow
during the 30mins I threw the drinking bag out of my back and started to move
faster...but some small mistakes during the long, but very easy competition
allowed me to take only the 2nd spot 64s after Topi Anjala. Topi's run was still
remarkable and again the very right man did win.
19:00 PM: 40' volleyball. 2km. Some hours volleyball.
 Orienteering 79' (HR)
My sister Mervi (Marimekko-dressed) won the week too! (PHOTO)
But Minna won only the 2nd stage (PHOTO)
And this slow fellow didn't win stages at all... (PHOTO)


11:26-> AM: 115' cycling + 30' volleyball + 11' running. 4km. Refreshing
day in Sotkamo. Cycling with Minna, playing volleyball in Vuokatti, swimming in
Sotkamo etc. This is the real summer stuff!
 On the beach (PHOTO)


9:12 AM: 12' running. 2km. Testing shoes.
13:15 PM: 30' running + 36' orienteering + 10' running. 14,5km. 3rd day of
the Kainuu O-week. I was 2nd again after Tero. The start was slow and I didn't
get the speed up during the first kilometres and made small (5-10s) mistakes
all the time. In the very end I made some severe but small errors which cost me
the win. Surely Tero made his own mistakes but as we both know - mistakes don't
belong to orienteering ;-). Those are not allowed in Ukraine, otherwise there
will be other men on the podium. And that is not acceptable ;-).
19:31 PM: 14' running. 2,5km. Easy running in the evening.
 Orienteering 36' (HR)
Starting the spurt on tuesday (PHOTO)


8:31 AM: 16' running. 3km.
11:55 AM: 30' running + 59' orienteering + 10' running. 3km. The 4th day of
the week. I was very sure that I will handle the chase-start situation because
I had so big lead. The race was easy in those circumstances and I made a steady
performance. Still, I was some 1½min behind the perfect race. The small mistakes
troubled me again. The week was only almost perfect ;-).
Results, maps and GPS-files from Kainuu!
 Orienteering 59' (HR)
Winner's joy (PHOTO)
Slightly disappointed silver medalist (PHOTO)
What the heck is so funny? (PHOTO)


Traveling Sotkamo-Suomussalmi.


Traveling Suomussalmi-Hossa.
12:46 PM: 40' hiking + 80' running. 14km.  Hiking/running in Julma-Ölkky with
Laura, Minna and Timo. Gorgeous place, worth of visit.

 The silent folk by Reijo Kela (
Julma-Ölkky and Pais (PHOTO)
The rainy Ölkky (PHOTO)
Raindears (PHOTO)
Ölkyn Ärjä (PHOTO)
Julma Ölkky (PHOTO)


12:32h, 105,5km. Jiiiihaaa! Finally I'm doing something right in long perspective ;-).
At least during the Kainuu O-week.