26/2007 TC i nJoensuu


12:32 PM: 85' running. 16km. An easy long run in Palokka. Running was very easy at start
but started to feel heavy after 50min.
 Running 85' (HR)


10:30 AM: 34' cycling + 16' running. 3km. Easy training before massage.


8:49 AM: 18' running. 3,5km. A morning run in Haukanniemi with Minna.
16:36 PM: 69' orienteering + 5' running. 11,5km. Training in Hepokorpi.
The usual 69min o-training.
 Orienteering 69' (HR)
Hepokorpi (MAP)


7:59 AM: 15' running. 3km. A morning run in Joensuu.
10:05 AM: 38' running + 20' orienteering + 12' running. 13km. The 1991 NOL-course
in Utranharju. Made a nice run and won the TC-race by 35s before Topsy Anjala
but lost 12s to Mika Kuisma's winning time back in 1991. Some sections of the course were slower
but the others were maybe slightly faster. We didn't have one control they had
in 1991 but that didn't make big difference. The top performance level hasn't
changed much in 16 years ;-)?
16:25 PM: 5' running + 45' orienteering + 6' running. 10km. An o-training
in Kuusoja. Control-taking in focus and this was good for Ukraine too, I think.
 Orienteering 20' (HR)
Utranharju (MAP)
Orienteering 45' (HR)
Kuusoja (MAP)


7:50 AM: 20' running. 4km. A morning run in Joensuu.
10:17 AM: 111' orienteering + 9' running. 20,5km. Long-O (18,24km) in
Petronkangas. Easy terrain but the distance was LONG.
15:53 PM: 5' running + 50' orienteering + 6' running. 9km. Tough contours only
training in Husus. One 2min mistake! But orienteering is very good at the moment.
Physically it feels good too. Short and tough TC in Joensuu served it's purpose
 Orienteering 111' (HR)
Orienteering 50' (HR)
Huhus (MAP)


A rest day and massage.
Traveling Joensuu-Sulkava.
Ville's and Kaisa's wedding in Sulkava.
Traveling Sulkava-Rantasalmi.


8:35 AM: 21' running. 4km. Morning run in Rantasalmi. Feeling good.
Traveling Rantasalmi-Sotkamo.
15:29 PM: 55' cycling. Recovery-training in Sotkamo.


10:46h, 97,5km.