24/2007 Jukola-week


8:25 AM: 40' hiking. 5km. Hiking (fast walking + jogging) with Minna in Kiev.
Trip to home (Kiev-Borispol-Helsinki-Vääksy-Jyväskylä). We got some strange
stomach-ache with Minna and it spoiled the Jukola-week :(.


Traveling Jyväskylä-Kuortane.
20:20 PM: 12' running. 2km. Tried to run but didn't manage. Too much pain.


5:51 AM: 42' running. 8,5km. A long & early morning run. Better feeling
but still a bit sick.
11:00 AM: 16' orienteering. 3km. Model event for the sprint qualification.
17:24 AM: 21' orienteering. 3km. Model event for the final.
 Running 42' (HR)


9:15 AM: 30' running + 13' orienteering + 20' running. 12,5km. WC qualification in Lapua. Felt bad.
18:25 PM: 30' running + 16' orienteering + 20' running. 12,5km. WC I in Lapua. 25th place
and very disappointed.
 Orienteering 13' (HR)
Orienteering 16' (HR)


12:29 PM: 56' orienteering. 7,5km. O-training in Pässilänkallio.
19:00 PM: 40' circuit. Deep muscles work-out.
 Orienteering 56' (HR)


8:50 AM: 16' running. 3km. A morning run in Jukola competition center with Jani.
17:00 PM: 26' running. 5km. Some running in the afternoon.


4:00 AM: 35' running + 58' orienteering + 15' running. 20km. Jukola 2007. 8th place for
Vaajakosken Terä and individually 5th best time on leg 6. Orienteering was
extremely good but running was bad after a week with stomach problems.
Traveling to Lapland after the race.
 Orienteering 58' (HR)


8:26h, 82km.