23/2007 WOC training-camp in Ukraine


10:48 AM: 75' running. 15km. Running in Vääksy. Perfect feeling.
Traveling to Ukraine. My bag didn't leave from Helsinki...


7:31 AM: 20' running. 4km. A morning run with Minna and Vesku.
11:25 AM: 30' running + 29' orienteering + 20' running. 16,5km. Middle distance
race. 2nd, 2s after Mattias Karlsson. Lost during the 1st leg but after that
orienteering and running felt very good. The speed was quite amazing - 4.10min/km -
and I didn't have to push myself to the limits.
17:41 PM: 53' orienteering. 7km. Very easy o-training with Minna. Analyzing
the terrain.
 Middle distance (MAP)
Minna and the usual ice-cream (PHOTO)


8:03 AM: 16' running. 3km. Easy morning run. My bag arrived and I finally
got my gear.
11:55 AM: 25' running + 86' orienteering + 5' running. 21km. Long distance
in Vyshgorod. The performance wasn't very good but I won the race by 45s before
club mate Jonne. The others struggled more in the quite demanding terrain of
Vyshgorod. This was good for self-confidence, but o-technically it must be far
more better in the WOC 2007. I was just running and did several "stupid"
mistakes on easy controls (more than four minutes).
 Orienteering 86' (HR)
Vyshgorod (MAP 1)
Vyshgorod (MAP 2)
Competition centre (PHOTO)
Analysis (PHOTO)
Three wise men (PHOTO)


7:28 AM: 16' running. 3km. Easy morning run.
10:10 AM: 90' running. 17km. Long run in Kiev + massage.
 View from the hotel room (PHOTO)


10:30 AM: 5' running + 69' orienteering + 11' running. 14km.


11:55 AM: 70' running + 15' orienteering + 5' running + 13' orienteering + 5' running. 19km.
Relay-training in Vyshgorod.
17:01 PM: 31' orienteering. 6km. Short o-training was successful. Fine job.


8:01 AM: 26' running. 5km. Morning run with Minna.
10:05 AM: 12' running + 13' orienteering + 15' running. 13km. Sprint-training.


12:33h, 138,5km.