22/2007 O-training


12:35 PM: 35' running. 7km. Running in Harju. Some spurts.
18:02 PM: 53' running/sprint-o. 10km. Sprint-intervals in Viitaniemi with Afa.
 Running 35' (HR)
O-intervals 26' (HR)
Viitaniemi (MAP)


11:30 PM: 50' cycling + 15' running. 2,5km. Planning an o-training
in Viitaniemi. Easy refreshing training.
12:35 PM: 11' running + 35' orienteering + 8' running. 9,5km. An exceptional
o-training in Pönttövuori. See the map! Extreme orienteering rocks!
 Orienteering 35' (HR)
Pommiovuori (MAP + SPLITS)


8:55 AM: 25' cycling + 5' strength.
17:44 PM: 12' running + 42' orienteering + 10' running. 11,5km. Sepon Kirmaisu in Laukaa.
1st place.
 Orienteering 42' (HR)
Ahvenpyhä (MAP + SPLITS)


11:50 AM: 30' running. 6km.
17:30 PM: 20' running + 16' orienteering. 7km. Short sprint-training in Laajavuori.
At aerobic threshold, just to adjust the sprint-orienteering routines. I haven't
done so many sprint trainings this year and now I'm trying to better my sprint-o
at the last meters before the Finnish Champs on sprint. Pathetic.
My parents arrived to Jyväskylä today and now we are having quality time with
them for couple of days.
 Orienteering 16' (HR)


8:35 AM: 20' running + 14' orienteering + 15' running. 10km. "Sprint-qualification"
in Laajavuori. Didn't sleep so well at night but managed to tease myself quite
well in the early morning. Good training. Massage soon after the training.

My sister Sanna and her family arrived also at Jyväskylä and soon after that we travelled to Hyyppäänvuori
for a nice trip.

17:21 PM: 22' running. 3,5km. Checking out the route to Hyyppäänvuori. Maybe
the kids will manage to climb to the top of this steep and big mountain?
 Orienteering 14' (HR)


8:35 AM: 30' running. 5,5km. Morning run with Minna. Checking out the small nice
place called Keropinkallio.


10:20 AM: 25' running + 11' orienteering + 15' running. 9,5km. Sprint-qualification
was a very good performance. I have to admit that it's my bad habit in sprints.
Good qualification doesn't always predict good final...
Results, qualification
13:50 PM: 25' running + 13' orienteering + 10' running. 9,5km. Sprint-final, what
a disappointment. The good qualification raised some strange hopes for the final
but I did the usual stupid mistakes in the route choices. And the speed wasn't
enough for the medals. What was wrong?
Results, final
Maps & Routes
 Orienteering 11' (HR)
Orienteering 13' (HR)


9:24h, 91,5km.