19/2007 Recovery and back to the business


Traveling from Södertälje to Jyväskylä (6.30 AM -> +24.00PM).


15:00 PM: 85' hiking. 10km. Hiking/jogging with Minna in Hyyppäänvuori.
Spectacular place again!
A view from Hyyppäänvuori


11:59 AM: 15' circuit + 20' running. 4km. Easy training.
17:32 PM: 87' orienteering. 11km. Long O in Ilvesvuori. Nice stuff with friends.
 Orienteering 87' (HR)
Ilvesvuori (MAP)


16:41 PM: 32' cycling + 60' running + 56' football + 4' running. 18km. Mixed
 Mixed training 152' (HR)


9:14 AM: 20' running. 4km. The basic morning run.
Traveling to Etelä-Pohjanmaa. I was driving long distance (by car) for the 1st
time and was a bit excited...but didn't crash or anything else ;-)
19:02 PM: 22' running + 32' orienteering + 7' running. 11,5km. We ran one of
the official Jukola trainings in Virpimäki. I ran fast for the first time after
NOC and the Finnish brush terrain felt heavy. Managed still to make quite a good
orienteering and ran the 6,1km course in 32.15. Good start for the training-camp.
 Orienteering 32' (HR)
Virpimäki (MAP)


11:42 AM: 20' running + 35' orienteering + 15' running. 12,5km. O-training
in Vilkkilä (Alahärmä). Tough to run (from 2nd to 5th control) but very nice
terrain to orienteer. Okay, the rocks were of course easy and fast to run.
18:06 PM: 30' orienteering + 17' orienteering. 7km. Revisiting the yesterday's
course in Virpimäki and checking out the Simpsiö's "model event" terrain. Very
easy running speed but those were "mentally active" trainings.
 Orienteering 35' (HR)
Vilkkila (MAP)


11:00 AM: 25' running + 35' orienteering + 15' running. 14km. Regional event
in Kauhava. Fast terrain, but included some swamp sections also which lowered
the overall running speed. I won and Terä took also the places 2,3 and 4. Nandi
Anttonen's performance (lost only 9s to me) was especially good because I lost
only 68s to the optimum time (the sum of the fastest times of all legs) and won
only by 9s. An excelsior race by the level of map, terrain and the competitors.
Results & split times
 Orienteering 35' (HR)
Susivuori (MAP)
Knives out (PHOTO)


10:33h, 92km.