15/2007 Back to the basics


15:16 PM: 72' hiking. 7km. Hiking with Minna in Pyhä-Häkki.


9:16 AM: 86' running/orienteering. 16km. Running to Kuokkala, orienteering and running back
to home. Massage.
 Yrttisuo (MAP)
Running/orienteering 86' (HR)


8:56 AM: 22' circuit + 38' running. 7,5km.
17:42 PM: 30' running + 17' orienteering + 5' running + 16' orienteering + 15' running. 13,5km.
Av-training in Riihivuori. Ran the 2,5km course twice, see the times and other
information on files below.
 2 x 2,52km (HR)
Riihivuori (MAP)


16:35 PM: 10' circuit + 80' running. 17km. 20 x 1min on AnAerThreshold.
Quite tough training on road.
 Intervals 80' (HR)


Virkiä-Jukola's press conference (?) in Kuortane.
14:37 PM: 5' running + 50' orienteering + 15' running. 11km. O-training in
Lapua (Ritamäki). Technically easy but rough terrain to run (clearings etc).
Traveling to Vihanti.
 Ritamaki (MAP)


9:06 AM: 25' running. 5km.
12:01 PM: 130' hiking-o. 13km. A nice hiking-o training in Haapavesi. Weather
was perfect (+14C) but there was still quite a lot snow in the forest (20-50cm).
Avg. HR 110 and the feeling was quite light.
19:31 PM: 31' running. 6km. Easy running in the evening.
 Osmanki-Korkatti (MAP)
At the start (PHOTO 1)
Mr. Ikonen (PHOTO 2)
A view from Korkattivuori (PHOTO 3)
A strange cone (PHOTO 4)
Climbing to the top (PHOTO 5)
Minna the Fire Wizard (PHOTO 6)


11:43 AM: 69' running. 16km. 10km (34.10) in Vihanti. Running from Vihanti
towards Lampinsaari. Quite okay feeling but couldn't push myself to the limits
so the speed averaged only about 90-95% of maximum. Minna ran 10km in 34.58!!!
Traveling to Jyväskylä.
Surprise doping tests at home in the evening.


11:54h, 112km.