12/2007 To the Spring Cup


Rest. Or is it rest to study from 8 AM to 18 PM?


8:26 AM: 10' deep muscles + 16' running. 3km.
16:51 PM: 79' running. 13,5km. 10 x 690m in forest. Superb training!
 Interval running 79' (HR)
The route in the interval-training (MAP)


9:03 AM: 120' hiking/running. 15km. Easy recovery training with Minna. Good
feeling and low HR. 1½ min after the training had ended my HR was 42!
 Long and easy training 120' (HR)


7:30 AM: 24' running. 4,5km. Easy morning run in Viitaniemi and Haukanniemi.


7:38 AM: 16' running. 3km. Morning run from Jonne's home in Nummela.
16:31 PM: 42' orienteering. 7km. A "model event" in Rude Skov. Easy stuff.
 Orienteering 42' (HR)
Rude Skov (MAP)


7:45 AM: 11' running. 2km. Morning run in Albertslund, Copenhagen.
11:50 AM: 25' running + 63' orienteering + 22' running. 23,5km. Spring Cup 2007.
8th place, 3½ min after David A. Good orienteering and running but the speed was
maybe too low (HR avg only 181). This was actually my first time to be among the
ten best in the SC ;-)!
The split times
 Orienteering 63' (HR)
Hvalso - individual (MAP)


10:00 AM: 20' running + 38' orienteering + 15' running. 14km. The Spring Cup
relay 2007, 3rd leg. Not bad, but not entirely good either. Like yesterday, I
just couldn't push myself to the limits although it's the only means to be
succesful in the Spring Cup. Year after year. But fine races and good pressing
in any case! Terä finished 5th after a good team performance.
The split times
 Orienteering 38' (HR)
Hvalso - relay (MAP)


8:20h, 83,5km.