09/2007 Challenging myself a bit and TC in Lapua


10:20 AM: 28' morning run. 5km. Very tired in the morning (>4h training on
sunday) but it started to feel better quite fast.
14:59 PM: 40' running + 45' skating + 20' running. 12km. Checked out Jyväsjärvi
skating-course with Minna. Legs were quite stiff when running back to home.
 Morning run 28' (HR)
Running/skating/running 105 (HR)


Example of the REAL daily program on a tough day:
7:00 AM: Woke up, ate breakfast and went to do studies by bike.
8.00 - 10.15 AM: Studying.
10:30 AM: 10' cycling + 3' running + 38' skiing + 3' running. 1km.
11:30 - 14:00: Eating, studying and cycling to school.
14:15-16:00: Studying.
17:15 PM: 10' deep muscles + 105' running. 19km. Warm-ups + TERÄ-intervals on
paths. Very hard training. Made the same training exactly 13 months ago. The
speeds were quite same but maybe the path was a bit softer this time. Jonne was
the king in this one too, he is in great shape!
19:00-21:00: Recovery, eating, light stretching and updating my home page.
21:00-22:00: Watching TV with Minna.
Heh, this summary indicates that I'm a real athlete (+ boring one too).
Buuuaahhhaahhh ;-)!

 Running/skiing 44' (HR)
Running 105' (HR)







5:02h, 37km. + 21km skiing.