01/2007 Dullstroom 1


11:42 AM: 32' running + 27' running-technique + 16' running. 11,5km.
17:06 PM: 30' circuit + 42' running. 7,5km.
 Morning training 75' (HR)
Accomodation - bedroom (PHOTO)
Accomodation - living room (PHOTO)
Accomodation - garden (PHOTO)


Had a food-poisoning or some other stupid disease which raised fever to 38C and
made me feel very bad in every way. But it lasted only for one day!


7:22 AM: 32' running/hiking. 4,5km. Morning jogging and hiking. Not sick
but not 100% okay either.
10:55 AM: 102' running. 17km. Path-O and running with Minna. Very easy speed.
 Morning training 32' (HR)
Running 102' (HR)
My goal in the morning (PHOTO)
Dullstroom from the north (PHOTO)


7:30 AM: 13' circuit + 17' running. 3,5km.
11:40 AM: 57' running. 11km. Short sections at speeds imitating tomorrow's level-test.
 Running 57' (HR)
Athlete life in Critchley Common Village (PHOTO)


7:46 AM: 16' running. 3km. Easy morning run. Good feeling.
10:35 PM: 57' running. 11km. The level-test.
14:03 PM: 63' running/hiking. 9km. Visiting beautiful rapids near Belfast.
Massage in the evening.
 Level test + warm-ups 57' (HR)
Waterfall (PHOTO)
Upland near rapids (PHOTO)


9:59 AM: 119' running. 23km. A long run with Markus. Tough training.
16:50 PM: 32' running + 20' circuit. 5km. Finnish team's running-circuit, quite
an easy training and good rehabilitation for the legs.
 Running 119' (HR)


7:24 AM: 24' cycling. Easy morning cycling.
10:14 AM: 147' orienteering. 22km. Long orienteering in Lakenvlei. Hot weather again.
 Long-O 147' (HR)
Lakenvlei (MAP 1)
Lakenvlei (MAP 2)


14:06h, 128km.