40/2006 World Cup -finals in France


9:56 AM: 25' running + 31' orienteering + 15' running. 12km. Middle distance qualification.
Still problems with orienteering. I just can't handle this type yet, but it's
getting better all the time.
13:44 PM: 36' running. 5km. Model event for the sprint qualification. That
race became cancelled on tuesday as well...
 Middle qualification (MAP 1)
Middle qualification (MAP 2)


Big storm struck and the competition was cancelled. It was too dangerous to run
under falling trees, maybe. The middle final will be held on friday.
15:09 PM: 15' circuit + 45' running. 8km.
 Mats having fun (PHOTO)


11:55 AM: 35' running + 17' orienteering + 15' running. 12,5km. WC sprint, 8th place.
 Orienteering 17' (HR)
Sprint (MAP)
Our accomodation village Murol (PHOTO)


7:31 AM: 16' running. 3km. Morning run.
10:35 AM: 25' running + 103' orienteering. 19,5km. Long final. 7th place.
 Orienteering 103' (HR)
Vulcania (MAP 1)
Vulcania (MAP 2)
Vulcania (MAP 3)
The best runners today (PHOTO)


10:35 AM: 25' running + 35' orienteering + 10' running. 12km. The middle distance.


10:35 AM: 30' running + 38' orienteering. 11km. The relay-day was a nice ending
for our trip to France! The women won and second team were 2nd! And we won the
men's relay with Jani and Jarkko.
 Montlosier relay  (MAP)
Highlands of Auvergne (PHOTO)
Chateau de Murol (PHOTO)



8:37h, 83km.