32/2006 Back to the basics


Rest & travelling.


11:39 AM: 110' running. 21km. Running with Jonne in Jyväskylä.
19:00 PM: 90' beach-volley. 3km. Two hours on the beach.
 Running 110' (HR)


11:44 AM: 38' football. 4km.


16:56 PM: 14' running + 90' volleyball + 11' running. 9km.


10:10 AM: 315' orienteering. 35km. TUSKA's official training 2006. 
Tuska2006 started from Myhinpää (PHOTO 1)
A view from Viisarivuori (PHOTO 2)
Mehtiönkoski is a bit dry (PHOTO 3)
Ordinary TUSKA-terrain near Paunonvuori (PHOTO 4)
A steep hollow in Paunonvuori (PHOTO 5)
2-3km old bushy clearings, aarrgghh (PHOTO 6)
Antti is getting tired (PHOTO 7)
Into the boulder area after Rajalampi (PHOTO 8)
Now it looks like Antti has had enough (PHOTO 9)


More TUSKA2006-photos below.
15:24 PM: 60' cycling. Cycling to Ruotsinperä to pick up some berries with Minna.
 Heikki looks still anxious to carry on for two hours more (PHOTO 10)
In to the very shit (PHOTO 11)
The End, after 5h 15min (PHOTO 12)


12:21 PM: 20' running + 40' orienteering. 21km. Regional championships in
relay orienteering. Terä 4 was the best of Terä's teams, and the final position
was third. I started the last leg 13min 35s behind the leader and came into finish
1min 2s behind the winner. If you check out the results and the teams you'll get
bigger picture. Nice event by the way - good basic orienteering and quite runnable
terrain. Too bad we still had some problems getting the right runners into right
teams ;-).
17:42 PM: 30' cycling + 15' running. 2,5km.
 Orienteering 40' (HR)
Ilovuori (MAP)


14:10h, 89km.