31/2006 World Orienteering Championships 2006


11:02 AM: 48' orienteering/running. 9km. I ran to the Botanisk Have to do the sprint
model event. Ran the model course with low speed and then switched the spike shoes
on and made some competition speed (3.00-3.30min/km) training. Feeling was great
an orienteering better than usually in sprint trainings.
 Running/Orienteering 48' (HR)
Sprint model event (MAP)


09:39 AM: 30' running + 15' orienteering + 15' running. 12km. To the sprint final.
16:30 PM: 30' running + 14' orienteering + 16' running. 12km. 8th place in
the sprint final! I must admit it's a little surprise for me, at least after
that performance. I made some 30s mistakes (>15s on 17th control, see the map)
so I thought it won't get me among the ten best. But it did and I'm happy!
Jonne did a great race today, WOW!!!
My route in Mindeparken (MAP)
 Sprint-O 15' (HR)
Sprint-O 14' (HR)
Pais on 14th (PHOTO)
Jonne and the press (PHOTO)
Jonne is a MAN now and Jani is happy ;-) (PHOTO)
Sprint Qualification (MAP 1)
Sprint Qualification (MAP 2)
Sprint Qualification (MAP 3)
Sprint Qualification (MAP 4)


11:40 AM: 10' running + 45' football + 8' running. 8km.


10:42 AM: 5' running + 31' orienteering + 11' running. 7,5km. Orienteering
in Sletten. Good feeling, both mentally and physically. Some excitement in the
air already ;-).
 Running/Orienteering 47' (HR)
Sletten (MAP)


12:23 AM: 25' running + 38' orienteering. 11km. Shit - it happened again. Almost
three minutes mistakes. I can clearly remember WOC middle in Sweden and I'm in
deep sorrow for that to happen again. But, Jarkko took silver and we have to be
happy for that!
19:00 PM: 30' football. 1,5km.
 Orienteering 38' (HR)
Gjern Bakker (MAP 1)
Gjern Bakker (MAP 2)




6:11h, 61km.