26/2006 More good training


9:08 AM: 25' running. 4,5km. Morning run in Haukanniemi + 1½h massage.
Travelling to Vihanti (organizing trainings).


8:08 AM: 13' running. 3km. Morning run in Lampinsaari.
11:11 AM: 80' running/orienteering. 10km. Running/orienteering in Pooskallio
(Kaustinen) in a fine terrain, coaching the juniors. Spend the whole day in
Kaustinen with Minna and the youngsters.
16:45 PM: 15' running + 30' orienteering + 15' running. 12km. Ran Perhonjoki-
laakson iltarastit in Halsua. Last time I ran there was back in 1996 when I
participated in H21A for the 1st time. Back then I was 2nd after J. Lerssi. Of
course young Pasi made some crucial mistakes. A bit older Pasi (maybe only
physically?) didn't make any mistakes (only 1min for a WC-trip) and had time of
30.08 in a 5,9km - course. I have to wait and see if someone is still faster in
 Isokallio (MAP)
Liedes (MAP)


11:35 AM: 130' running. 23km. Long run in Alpuanharju. Ran with Juulianna, Eetu
and Topi for some 15km in the middle and then made some faster running to home
(4,75km on small paths 18.30). Avg. HR was only 158 so aerobic fitness is getting
on right track.
19:50 PM: 15' circuit + 15' running. 3km.


17:45 PM: 12' running + 29' orienteering. 7,5km. Seutu-Rastit in Korkattivuori, Haapavesi.
Petri Karjalainen had upgraded Korkattivuori's map from 1988-map made by my father and
I have to say that this one could have been a real competition map. Korkattivuori
is the highest hill in the western Pohjois-Pohjanmaa (186,6m above sea level) and
the views are fine. Orienteered quite well and felt good afterwards.


Korkattivuori (MAP)


9:11 AM: 35' running. 6km.
15:50 PM: 60' hiking. 5km. Hiking-o in Korkatti with Mom, Dad and Minna. See the photos!
18:49 PM: 30' football. 3km.
 Minna and the ball (PHOTO 1)
The moose and the child (PHOTO 2)
On the top of Rahkovuori (PHOTO 3)
Minna and mom (PHOTO 4)
Korkattivuori-terrain (PHOTO 5)
Stone fields of Korkattivuori (PHOTO 6)
Ants (PHOTO 7)
View (PHOTO 8)
2nd view (PHOTO 9)


9:15 AM: 28' running. 5km. Usual morning run in Lampinsaari.
13:50 PM: 25' running + 32' orienteering + 5' running. 11km. Kalevan rastiviestit
in Paratiisi, Oulainen. Vaajakosken Terä won by two minutes before Kalevan Rasti.
My own performance was okay, even though I didn't know where I was between
the 5th and 6th control. Running was a bit hard after being in a flu for 3-4 days
and still doing training. Jonne, Timbe and Jani were very good and that's why
we won ;-)!
The terrain and the map were positive surprises. Challenging stuff!
Route Gadget
20:55 PM: 26' running. 5km. Warming-up with Minna.
 Paradise (MAP)


12:08 PM: 50' running. 9,5km. Running in Alpuanharju with Minna.
17:15 PM: 5' circuit + 35' football. 3,5km.


11:51h, 111km.