21/2006 Travelling and training


12:42 PM: 90' cycling + 30' hiking. 2km. Little trip to Vaajakoski with Minna.
Travelling to Turku. Participating in a heart study as a test person.


Heart studies 8.00-14.00.
14:20 PM:30' running. 6km. Running in Turku.
Travelling to Vihanti.


10:49 AM: 60' running. 13km. Easy and good running in Alpuanharju! Good feeling
because have had problems with the physical self-confidence lately.
18:34 PM: 60' orienteering. 7,5km. Pair-O with Eetu H in Honkaranta. Good
easy training again.
 Running 60 ' HR)
Orienteering 60' (HR)
Honkaranta (MAP)


11:53 AM: 20' running + 36' orienteering + 10' running. 11,5km. Keskipohjanmaa-relay
in Kalajoki. I haven't seen that extraordinary race lately! All the contours and
the details over height of ½m were mapped and the terrain was extremely flat.
So, it was a perfect race for a man without compass. Made one 2min mistake due
to my poor o-thinking (as in Estonia). I just can't understand people's strange
attitude against the flat terrains and running without compass (even worse are
the people's opinions of running under a sky with clouds) - that it's necessary
to use compass there. I just want to count on my brain because then you know you
have done the right thing. It's simple as that. Harri Mehto told us a secret
which in "some way" refers this golden thought: "there lives strange but skillful
people in the northern Finland. They once revealed their secret of going straigth
in the wilderness. First you make a decision to go in a chosen direction and
then you take steps with both of your feet with equal length."
The rest you have to work out in your mind, you lazy ass.

10:47 PM: 15' running + 22' orienteering + 5' running. 6,5km. We ran the H35
short distance course (2005) in Neerpakka. I had a little bit tired feeling but
wanted really much to do a good performance. The first controls I survived with
luck (totally over 100m of poor o-thinking) but then I started to use my skills.
 Orienteering 36' (HR)
Keskipohjanmaa-viesti (MAP)
The view from our apartment (PHOTO)
Orienteering 22' (HR)
Neerpakka (MAP)


11:35 AM: 12' running + 9' orienteering + 10' running + 14' orienteering + 5'running. 8km.
Relay-training in Jukosenkalliot. Won the 2-man relay with Heikki by 3min! Very
good orienteering.
 Orienteering 9' (HR)
First leg of Jukosenkalliot (MAP)
Orienteering 14' (HR)
Second leg of Jukosenkalliot (MAP)


13:00 AM: 30' running + 11' orienteering + 20' running. 11,5km.
 Orienteering 11' (HR)
Gamla Vasa (MAP 1)
Gamla Vasa (MAP 2)



8:10h, 65,5km.