20/2006 There is life after EOC


11:54 AM: 21' cycling. Planned to cycle for 3h but did 21min, hehheh.
18:00 PM: 80' football. 8km.
 Cycling 21' (HR)
Football 80' (HR)


11:06 AM: 90' cycling + 41' hiking/running + 75' cycling. 4km.
22:48 PM: 10' running + 33' orienteering + 4' running. 8km.
 Cycling/hiking/cycling 206' (HR)
Paljakkokalliot (PHOTO)
Orienteering 33' (HR)
Hintusvuori (MAP)


11:12 AM: 93' running. 16,5km.
 Running 93' (HR)


10:31 AM: 21' running. 4km. Morning run in Haukanniemi.
Travelling to Anttolanhovi with Eikka and Minna.


8:37 AM: 11' running. 2km. Morning run in Anttolanhovi.
10:24 AM: 26' orienteering + 14' running. 5km. O-training in Neitvuori with
Kangasala SK's young runners. Feeling very good in the uphills, though I can't tell
if I'm going to last the whole race tomorrow.
 Orienteering/Running 40' (HR)
Beautiful scenery on Neitvuori (PHOTO)
Beautiful scenery on Neitvuori (PHOTO 2)


11:11 AM: 15' running + 136' orienteering. 25,5km. FC in special long distance.
I did prepare quite properly for this event but had to cancel the race still - I
had only couple of controls left. My muscles were suddenly empty when we came to
the second butterflies. So I realized very soon that race was over for me because
it was hard to even walk the hills. Otherwise my feeling was pretty good and HR was
low. Hard to say should I carry some drinks or gels with me to last the whole race
or what? I enjoyed the race very much until that point and the speed felt mainly
very easy. Compared to 2004 when I sunk as well (some 4km before the finish), I had
trained very well (600h and about 5000km running during that year) and I couldn't
do any better than this year. Of course it's scientifically very poor comparison.
Maybe I just have a body that doesn't like to use lipids as a fuel and I run mainly
with carbohydrates (which won't last forever as lipids do)? And when I'm quite
slow as well I will be at best at distances between 20-80min ;-). Whew, what a
stupid and long story that was..?
18:51 PM: 20' cycling. Warming-up cycling.
 Orienteering 136' (HR)


16:30 PM: 90' football. 9km. Easy playing.


13:00h, 82km.