07/2006 Recovery and aerobic training - YEAH, RIGHT...


12:19 PM: 5' running + 45' skiing + 15' circuit. 1km. Feeling was better but the HR
curve doesn't look out good. Yet.
18:20 PM: 28' running/running technique. 5km.


15:26 PM: 20' cycling + 9' running + 49' orienteering + 17' cycling. 11,5km.
Tough o-training for a while. Felt good on the roads and otherwise as well.
Finished first some 20s before the race-man. Stomach-problems have been with me in
almost every evening training. Now I even ate in the right way. Ten years ago,
when I started my training fully, I faced the stomach cramps in every tougher
training and especially in every competition. My father has had the same history.
In the important competitions those haven't prevented me doing well for many
years. This story is especially for the young orienteers suffering  from this
strange phenomenon. When it hits, take it easier for a while, try to stretch
your abs and take a deep breath for a moment. It can help sometimes.
 Orienteering 49' (HR)
AVtraining in Tikka (MAP)
Stomach problems but easy running (PHOTO)


8:00 AM: 48' running. 9km. Running on small paths. A bit tired but feeling is
getting better.
12:35 PM: 90' cycling + 30' circuit.


12:02 PM: 40' running. 8km.
16:55 PM: 100' rinkball.


14:45 PM: 5' running + 75' skiing. 1km. Wonderful weather and tracks were


9:22 AM: 127' skiing + 3' running. ½km. Long Terä-skiing in Laukaa. Cold but
nice weather and nice tracks with some BIG hills. Felt a bit tired.
17:32 PM: 30' running + 48' orienteering + 7' running. 17km. Night-O training
in Äänekoski. Good running and hardly any mistakes, the course was very easy. I
was the fastest with 48.01, Jani lost some 25s but made mistakes at the outset
of the course. Jones made a good time (48.31), though he made a great race in
the morning in different discipline ;-)! Antti A and Timbe made quite
good times as well.
 Skiing/running 130' (HR)
Orienteering 48' (HR)
Orienteering in Äänekoski (MAP)


10:59 AM: 40' running + 60' snow-football. 13km. Tough playing on the ice of
Vuojärvi! I was pretty tired after some sleeping problems during the night (only
5h of sleep during the night). Too much things in my mind at the moment and I
can't sleep.
18:59 PM: 30' cycling. Recovering my legs with cycling. Easy feeling afterwards.
 Running/Snow football 100' (HR)


15:21h, 65,5km.
 1st three months training-report (PICTURE)