06/2006 Three days and I got tired


12:00 AM: 120' cycling. Cycling and exercise cycling at home.


15:05 PM: 35' weights/circuit. Strength-training.


10:21 AM: 60' running + 35' cycling. 12km.


10:06 AM: 45' running + 10' cycling. 9km. And straight after training to
get massaged.
16:53 AM: 100' rinkball. Mistake number 1: after massage my muscles were
tired. Still, I wanted to play rinkball. The ice had been just frozed and my
skates are not in shape. It was physically easy playing but muscles had a rough
time. Which can be seen during the following days...


10:03 AM: 75' running. 16,5km. An aerobic threshold training in Ylöjärvi. Good
feeling at first, very bad afterwards. Something is wrong.
 Running 75' (HR)


10:25 AM: 142' running. 26km. From Pirkkahalli to Julkujärvi. I had map only
in my mind so did some extra running between Pispala and Ylöjärvi. I got totally
exhausted when some 8km was still to go. I had to even walk at an end. After the
training I kept o-skills lecture to the Jämsän Retki-Veikot -team.
Something about JRV's TC on Venlatiimi's pages 
by Laura Hokka.
In the evening I travelled to Tampere to see my godchild Liisa and my sister
Sanna's whole family.


Travelling to Jyväskylä.
13:08 PM: 90' cycling. Really tired feeling. Body seems to be in disorder.


12:12h, 67km.